3 reasons Android outshines other operating systems for gaming

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Choosing the right device can significantly determine your overall experience. Is Android the best option? It is for over 3 billion Android users. It is one of the smoothest, most advanced operating systems. And unless you are a dedicated iPhone follower, there is nothing wrong with Android. If you are a dedicated iPhone follower, Android is for the peasants.

But the thing is, it is not. And then the benefits of using Android over iOS are massive. Read on to learn why it works best for casino players.

Personalization and Adaptability

People use Androids in casinos because it is highly customizable and flexible compared to any other operating system software.

We all place different demands on our phones, but Android welcomes this on a totally different level to iOS. With the growing approach and implementation of web3 solutions, this customization is key for early adoption – especially when Apple takes its time with choosing what to make accessible on its handsets. Crypto, for instance, is something users want to access easily from wherever they are – whether that’s to trade on leading trading platforms, play games on the best crypto casino, or manage assets on hot wallets. And, Android has relatively relaxed rules regarding gambling apps, further making these crypto casinos easily accessible. As long as the app isn’t paid to download, and is rated adult only (AO), it can be listed on the store and easily downloaded.

The future of new applications and technologies depends on whether or not a user can fully be themselves.

Developers are also free to experiment with new ideas thanks to the open-source nature used by Google, enabling them to create advanced technologies never seen before. If a game is designed for an Android device, we promise you it will be better than an iPhone. It is a massive benefit. So many gamers still rely heavily on traditional desktop setups or restricted operating systems only capable of supporting basic functions when, in reality, you can have quality games at your fingertips, on the go, with Android.

Different Types of Devices to Choose From

Another reason behind the popularity of Android lies in its device diversity. This operating system dominates more than 70% of the market globally, mainly due to the large number of models being produced under its brand name by various manufacturers worldwide. According to statistics, there are over 24,000 devices ranging from high-end smartphones equipped with cutting-edge features down to low-cost alternatives designed specifically to meet budgets.

Either way, all these gadgets run the same software – that of Google, so you can never go wrong regardless of the choice. The price you pay is for the age of the phone, features (like the all-important camera), etc.

But what does that mean for us playing around in online casinos? Surely, it is not that deep? It implies that no matter what type of gaming requirement there may be, there will always be an Android-based solution available somewhere out there just waiting to fit perfectly into our pockets.

With Android, you should be able to enjoy your favorite casino games whenever and wherever without worrying whether the device used supports the casino. With so many options to choose from, ranging in terms of hardware specifications and price ranges, anyone should easily find the most suitable match to their lifestyle and taste preferences.

The top-rated Android devices for gaming are:

  • Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro
  • Motorola Edge Plus
  • RedMagic 9 Pro
  • OnePlus

Access To a Wide Variety of iGaming Apps

The Google Play Store has over 3.3 million apps – there are so many that most of us will never see 10% of them. The Apple App Store only has 1.951 million apps. Would you call it unnecessary for Android to have so many? We think not. Recent data has not been released, but of the 3.3 million apps on the app store, 490 thousand were gaming apps. There are simply too many.

What we love about Android is that these apps are frequently updated and upgraded (almost annoyingly too often) so that users always have access to the latest features and security fixes. Being open-source also means that players can get them from third-party sites, which massively broadens their range of potential games.

Also, user reviews and ratings often appear alongside them on the Google Play Store, helping people decide what to download. Most people make their decision based on which has the best reviews because there are simply too many to choose from.

Android wins hands down if you want customizability – the iPhone cannot offer anything close because of its closed ecosystem. It is not only the iPhone; it is the same with operating systems like Ubuntu Touch and PureOS. Nothing comes close to Android. Which operating system do you prefer?

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