9 Black Friday deals on AMD CPUs you don’t want to miss

AMD CPU Deals Black Friday

For Black Friday, Amazon is dropping prices on AMD CPUs, so if you’re in need of an upgrade for your desktop gaming PC, now is a good time to consider getting a better CPU. Provided you need one, of course. There are 9 different CPU models on sale as part of the Black Friday deals, including the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X. Normally this CPU retails for $569.99. Which is a pretty steep price for a processor. But right now it’s on sale for almost half off, and you can actually grab it for $342.91.

As this is a limited time deal it won’t be around for long, but it should at last at least through Black Friday. That being said, it may go away quicker if stock happens to run out. We’re not exactly in the worst parts of the chip shortages anymore, but that doesn’t mean these will stick around for long with how good the price drop is.

If that’s still a little more than you’re looking to spend on a CPU upgrade, not to worry. As we said there are 9 different AMD CPUs on sale as part of Amazon’s Black Friday deals. You can find the full list below.

All of these discounts are pretty good price drops if you need to update your CPU. But keep in mind that with a new CPU you may also need to update your motherboard and GPU. Just be sure that the new CPU is compatible with your other components. Or grab one at the discount and save it for when your other parts are update as well, if they need to be updated.

You can find all 9 AMD CPU deals by clicking here.


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