A new AI trade group will help push AI regulations in the U.S.

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Right now, it’s the Wild West on the AI landscape. We’re still waiting for actual laws and regulations regarding the technology. It’s been almost two years since ChatGPT hit the scene, so we’re overdue for some sort of structure. According to a new report, several entities banded together to form an AI trade group.

Right now, there are lawsuits floating around regarding AI technology. The New York Times is suing OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement. Also, several top record labels are suing AI music generators for much the same reason. We’re still waiting for the results from those cases. The results from those cases could have an effect on the AI market as a whole.

Several content licensing companies have developed an AI trade group

Rightsify, vAIsual, Pixta, and Datarade are some of the companies involved in this new trade AI trade group. This will help advocate for the ethical sourcing of data to train AI models. Together, they formed the Dataset Providers Alliance (DPA). A big part of what the alliance will be doing will focus on pushing for legislation to go through regarding the use of AI.

For example, the DPA will push for the NO FAKES ACT to pass in the U.S. This is the bill that forbids entities from using digital copies of people’s likeness or voice. We’ve seen examples of this, and celebrities are the main target.

Along with that, the DPA will push for companies to be more transparent about how they’re sourcing and using the data they get. According to Alex Bestall, CEO of Rightsify and GCX, the alliance plans to release a white paper in July.

This is just the kind of thing that the AI space needs. Right now, there’s no telling how many people have had their content scraped to train AI models without their consent. There’s nothing that the average Joe can do because large trillion-dollar companies like Google are always going to have their way. So, it’s important that we have alliances like these to help even the playing field.

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