Amazon Prime Video is stealing Netflix’s US customers

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Netflix has been glowing right ever since it began the Streaming Wars, but now it’s a falling star. The company has been losing a lot of customers since Q4 of 2021. While it does seem to be getting back on its feet, Amazon Prime Video was able to usurp Netflix as the top streaming service in the US.

Netflix has been the top streaming service since the early 2010s, and no one could touch it. However, other companies were able to come to the market and offer their own content to stream.

What made things worse for Netflix was the inflow of services like Paramount+, Disney+, Discovery+, and other companies with a massive catalog of nostalgic content that people eat up.

If you take that and couple it with the fact that Netflix has been cracking down on password sharing and cranking up its prices, you can see why people are starting to emigrate from the service.

Amazon Prime Video dethroned Netflix as the top shipping service in the US

Since Netflix is struggling so much, Amazon Prime Video, which has been the second most popular streaming service in America for several years, felt the need to kick Netflix off the throne. Netflix lost more than a million customers since Q4 2021, and that far outshines the 104,000 that it gained in Q3 2022.

While Netflix is second place in the US, it’s still the top streaming service in the world with more than 223 million customers. Unfortunately, we don’t know Amazon Prime Video’s global numbers nor do we know its US numbers. However, Parks Associates (via Streamable) was able to gain some non-public data about the streaming service and conclude that it surpassed Netflix’s US customer base.

We’re not sure if this spells doom for Netflix. While the company has definitely been feeling the hurt from its diminishing customer base and the deplorable economic conditions, it’s still pumping out content and pushing forward.

The thing is, we just haven’t seen any major Netflix shows or movies in a while. Sure, there’s Stranger Things, but how many more seasons can Netflix squeeze out of that show before the “child” actors start having kids of their own?

Also, we’re all still waiting on the next season of Squid Game. Without those two titles, there’s not much to look forward to on Netflix. However, if you’re a major Sonic fan, there’s Sonic Prime that’s soon to be released.

For Amazon Prime Video, the mixed reviews of the latest Lord of the Rings series do put a damper on things. However, The Boys seems to be keeping people interested in the service.

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