Apple has “fully resumed” advertising on Twitter

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It appeared last week that a major war was brewing between Twitter and Apple. But the two tech giants seem to have reconciled. Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently said that the iPhone maker has “fully resumed” advertising on the social media platform. He didn’t elaborate further but added that Apple is the largest advertiser on Twitter. Musk made the comments during a Twitter Spaces conversation with more than 90,000 listeners on Saturday, Bloomberg reports.

Apple is once again advertising on Twitter after a slowdown last month

Apple has been one of Twitter’s biggest advertisers over the years. It spent $48 million on ads on the social network in the first quarter of the year, accounting for four percent of the latter’s revenue during the period. However, the iPhone maker has been cutting down on its Twitter ad spending since Elon Musk took over the company in late October. It reportedly only spent $131,600 between November 10 and November 16. That’s almost half of what it spent the week before Musk completed the takeover.

Reports suggested that most advertisers suspended advertising on Twitter since the takeover due to various uncertainties. However, the Twitter CEO particularly targeted Apple and said that the company is trying to suppress free speech. He made a string of tweets against the Cupertino-based tech behemoth. Musk alleged that the iPhone maker threatened to withhold Twitter from the App Store. He also targeted Apple’s App Store policies and questioned Tim Cook: “what’s going on here?”

Everything pointed towards a major clash between the two tech giants. Thankfully, it was not to be. Musk met Cook a few days back and they seem to have resolved the issues. The Twitter CEO said he had a good conversation with his Apple counterpart and that the App Store issue was nothing but a misunderstanding. While he didn’t elaborate, it was enough of a hint that Twitter will not disappear from iPhones anytime soon. “Tim was clear that Apple never considered doing so.”

It appears Musk also persuaded Tim to resume advertising on Twitter. Perhaps the social network is returning to normalcy after chaos and instability early in Musk’s reign, and advertisers are finding it worth another go. The CEO himself recently thanked advertisers for returning. Hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come. Twitter recently announced its plans for the future and said that it hasn’t changed any of its policies. That may have given advertisers some confidence too. It now remains to be seen how Musk proceeds with his proposed changes for the social media platform.

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