Best Amazon Alexa Smart Speakers – December 2022

top 10 best alexa speakers

When it comes to Amazon Alexa smart speakers, there are a ton on the market, making it tough to find the best one.

Amazon has one for just about every use-case, and its partners also have a number of great Alexa-enabled smart speakers. This list highlights the best Amazon Alexa smart speakers that are currently available. Whether you’re looking for a smart speaker with an incredible audio experience, one that can be used in your bedroom, or one that has a display. There’s something here for everyone.

Best Amazon Alexa Smart Speakers

There are quite a few great smart speakers available with Amazon Alexa built-in. However, finding the best one can take some work.

Amazon’s partners also have a number of great options available. Like Sonos, Ultimate Ears, JBL and many more. Now if you are looking for Google Assistant-enabled speakers, you won’t find any here. But you can check out our list of the best Google Assistant speakers. 

We’ve done a lot of research on these smart speakers and have used the majority of them. So when we say this is the best, it’s coming from experience, and not just because we like the name, or the company.

Cost Where to buy
Amazon Echo (4th generation) $99 Amazon
Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation) $49 Amazon
Sonos One (Gen 2) $198 Amazon
Amazon Echo Show 8 $99 Amazon
Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST $137 Amazon
Sonos Beam 2 $449 Sonos
Amazon Echo Flex $19 Amazon
Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th generation) $45 Amazon
Echo Dot Kids (5th Generation) $35 Amazon

Best overall Amazon Alexa smart speaker

amazon echo
Amazon Echo (4th generation)

Amazon Echo (4th Generation)

Amazon’s fourth-generation Echo smart speaker is the best one yet, and perfect for those that are building a smart home. Since it has a Zigbee hub built into the speaker.

With this fourth-generation speaker from Amazon, it has improved the audio and also redesigned the speaker. You’re getting premium audio on the Amazon Echo, so you won’t need to use something like a Sonos or Bose speaker to get great audio.

The redesign on the Amazon Echo means that it is going to be able to better project audio in your home. As well as looking really unique. The Alexa ring is now on the bottom and can light up the table, which looks really nice.

The new Amazon Echo is available for pre-order now, shipping on October 22.

Amazon Echo (4th Generation) – Amazon

Best affordable Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker

41SauqiELpL AC
Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen)

Amazon Echo Dot (5th Generation)

This is the new 5th generation Echo Dot. It actually isn’t a huge update visually, after the fourth generation say a redesign. Instead, Amazon again focused on audio quality. Giving it a major upgrade. The bass has been doubled here, giving you plenty of bass, though you can still connect it to an Echo Sub.

The other big improvement here is adding eero built-in. This means that the Echo Dot can improve your WiFi coverage in your home and act as another mesh router in your eero setup.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) – Amazon

Best sound quality Amazon Alexa smart speaker

sonos one gen 2
Sonos one (Gen 2)

Sonos One (Gen 2)

The Sonos One (Gen 2) is the newest version of its most popular smart speaker. Not only does it work with Amazon Alexa, but it also has support for Google Assistant. Making it a very versatile speaker.

With the Sonos One, you’re going to get a really impressive audio experience, with some deep bass, as well as crystal clear mids and highs. Now since the Sonos One outputs so much sound, there isn’t any room for a battery. So the Sonos One is not a portable speaker, and needs to stay plugged in at all times.

It also works with the new Sonos S2 app, so you can use it to create a full surround-sound system in your living room, and that is definitely worth thinking about before you decide to invest in the Sonos ecosystem. It works better than Alexa does for surround sound too.

Finally, the Sonos One (Gen 2) is an absolutely beautiful looking smart speaker from Sonos. It’s available in all black or all white.

Sonos One – Amazon

Best smart display with Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo Show 8 02
Best smart display: Amazon Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show 8

You might be wondering why there’s a smart display on a list of the best Amazon Alexa smart speakers. Well, that’s because the Echo Show 8 can also work just like a smart speaker. Because it does have a smart speaker inside. But the reason why we have it listed here, as it’s a different form-factor, and something some may prefer over a smart speaker.

The Echo Show 8 was our pick over the 5-inch and 10-inch models, because it’s the perfect size. It’s not super big, and it’s not tiny. But it is big enough to still sit in your kitchen on a counter, or even in your bedroom. Though with it having a camera, that might not be a great idea.

With the Echo Show 8, you have the ability to use Alexa just like you would on a smart speaker. But since it has a display, you get some added visuals with it. This includes being able to actually see the weather when you ask about the weather. You can also do video calls, in addition to voice calls. Since, well it has a screen.

The Echo Show 8 can also bring up the security camera feeds from outside your home, or the video doorbell. Which is a really cool feature to have available.

Amazon Echo Show 8 – Amazon

Best portable speaker with Amazon Alexa

ue megablast
Best portable speaker: Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST

When it comes to portable speakers that are also smart speakers, the pickings are pretty slim. So there wasn’t a lot of competition here, but that doesn’t mean that the Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST is a bad speaker. Quite the contrary. It’s a really good smart speaker actually.

The Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST continues with what made the BOOM and MEGABOOM speakers very popular. Offering up loud, but good sounding audio, in a 360-degree speaker. Making it easy to fill the entire room with sound. The Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST can do all of that, and also has Alexa included. Which makes it a contender for the best Amazon Alexa speaker overall.

The Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST does not offer up always-listening Alexa. So you are going to need to press the button to turn it on and then talk to Alexa. When it’s off, it’s not listening, but when it’s on it is listening. The reason for this is that always-listening is going to use up a lot of juice. This is why a lot of Amazon Alexa smart speakers are not portable. And always need to be plugged in.

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST is available in a number of colors, and if you can’t find one you don’t like, just wait a couple of months. Ultimate Ears normally releases new colors every few months. As well as some new designs from artists that it commissions.

Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST – Amazon

Best sound bar with Amazon Alexa

9TxGrkE3FjZeJxDo2Wsu 480 80
Sonos Beam 2

Sonos Beam 2

Sonos announced the new Beam 2 in September 2021, as the second-generation compact sound bar. Which has Amazon Alexa baked in (as well as Google Assistant). And it makes it the best Alexa-compatible sound bar again. We chose this over the Sonos Arc, because we feel that the price here is more attainable than the $700 for the Arc.

With the Sonos Beam 2, there is support for Dolby Atmos now, but it’s not full-on Dolby Atmos. It’s a bit strange, but it basically comes down to the size, and the fact that there are no up-firing speakers here.

Internally, things have been upgraded which will give you a better sound experience here, and it’ll also be quicker to play via AirPlay 2, as well as HDMI eARC for controlling your TV.

Sonos Beam 2 – Sonos

Best for the hallway/bathroom

Amazon Echo Flex 01
Best for the hallway/bathroom: Amazon Echo Flex

Amazon Echo Flex

Amazon’s Echo Flex is a pretty small smart speaker from the company, and one that is meant to just plug in, and leave it. Making it great to use in the bathroom or even a hallway. This is a really good option for those that want to have Alexa in every room in their home, without spending a ton of cash.

Echo Flex is good to put into the bathroom because it doesn’t have a camera. So you won’t have to worry about it watching you do stuff in the bathroom. Though it does still have a microphone. It’s also good for your kids’ bedroom, as it can serve as a nightlight and also read stories to your kids before they go to bed.

The Echo Flex comes in at less than half the price of the Echo Dot, which makes it a pretty great option for adding Alexa into more rooms in your home.

Amazon Echo Flex – Amazon

Best Amazon Alexa smart speaker for your bedroom

616F7cNeWrL AC SL1000
Echo Dot with Clock

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th Generation)

The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock also didn’t get a lot of updates over the previous version. The biggest visual update is going to be on the LEDs. They can now scroll across the speaker, and show messages, which is pretty neat.

Additionally, it has the same upgrades from the new Echo Dot. That includes much better bass, as well as eero built-in.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock – Amazon

Best for your Kids


Amazon Echo Dot Kids

If you want an Echo Dot to put in your kids room, the Echo Dot Kids is the perfect option. It also comes in two cool designs that kids are going to love.

So what’s the difference between this and the regular Echo Dot? Well, besides the design, parental controls. Alexa can give kid-friendly answers, and parents are able to control what Alexa tells them and how much they can use Alexa. With Kids+ which is included for a year, there is also plenty of great kid-friendly skills included. Like audiobooks that are aimed at kids from 3-12.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids- Amazon

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