Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Cases for June 2024

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is here, and it’s also more expensive this year at $1,299. That’s a $100 increase over its predecessor, but the good news is that it won’t break as easily. How? Samsung has decided not to use a curved display this time around. Make the front display flat so it’s easier to work with the S Pen. That also means it’s less likely to get scratched and shatter. But you should still get a case for your Galaxy S24 Ultra. Because you never know when you might drop your phone and how far the phone might fall. Some drops are worse than others, of course.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is still a pretty large phone, coming in at 6.8 inches, which means it’s going to be very easy to fall out of your hands. Luckily, there are a bunch of really great cases available for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and we’ll be adding more to this list as more become available.

If you haven’t pre-ordered your Galaxy S24 Ultra just yet, there’s still time to do so. And with this link, you can get an additional $50 off of your purchase. Samsung is offering enhanced trade-in right now, as well as a free storage upgrade. So, for the regular $1,299 price, you can get bumped up to 512GB of storage. That’s not bad at all. We’re unsure right now what the deals will be after the pre-order phase ends on January 31.

So, without further ado, here are the best cases available right now for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Best Vegan Leather Case

GP FPS928HCA 001 Front DarkViolet 1600x1200

Samsung Vegan Leather Case

Samsung’s own Vegan Leather Case isn’t anything new. They’ve been offering this case for all of their smartphones for quite a few years now, and it’s still one of my favorites. Samsung does offer it in three colors: dark violet, black, and taupe, and it’s actually pretty inexpensive for a leather case – just $39.99. Though it is currently on sale, so the regular price is $49.99. We’re not sure if this is always going to be on sale or maybe just throughout the pre-order phase.

This case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra has all of the usual cutouts for the charging port, speaker, and S Pen slot. It does not have cutouts for the buttons. However, the buttons on this case are really good. They are nice, tactile, and clicky. So, there’s no issue with being able to adjust the volume or turn off the display.

Leather cases are pretty nice to have, as they feel very soft, add quite a bit of grip, and look incredible on phones. The Dark Violet color here looks really great on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and if I were buying one, that’s the one I’d grab. This is Vegan Leather, so it may not patina as nicely as real leather, but this is better for the environment, so there’s that. And if you don’t care as much about a case getting a nice leather patina, then there’s nothing to worry about here. It does feel great in the hand and it looks fantastic too.

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Best Magsafe case with Stand

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra cases AM AH 3

TORRAS O Stand Case

The TORRAS O Stand case was actually one of my favorites for the iPhone, and now TORRAS has made it available for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This case does have MagSafe compatibility. The first question you’re likely thinking there is, does the S Pen work with it? In our testing, it did. However, others have found that it didn’t work when you put a MagSafe accessory on the back. But if you don’t use the S Pen much, then it won’t be much of an issue for you.

This is a thicker MagSafe case with a very strong magnet. It works really well with MagSafe chargers, in fact I was just charging the Galaxy S24 Ultra on my Mophie MagSafe charger without any issues. It snapped on very easily and stayed too. However, the ring for the magnet also folds out to reveal a kickstand. This is probably my favorite part of this case.

Having a kickstand built into your case is super useful, especially when traveling. You can stand your phone up on the tray table on the plane and watch TikTok or YouTube Shorts with ease. You can also lay it on its side to watch content. Not to mention, the kickstand is a circle, so it works as a ring to hold onto your phone if you’re on that, like those rings and Popsockets.

Finally, the outside of the case is translucent. So you get the effect of being able to show off what color of the Galaxy S24 Ultra you picked up without it being a clear case that can get pretty disgusting fairly quickly. This also adds some nice grip to the sides of the phone, so you won’t have to worry about dropping it.

The TORRAS O Stand Ring Case is available for $35.99, but check out Amazon for some coupons that you can clip, as you can usually get it for even less.

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Best Aramid Fiber Case

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra cases AM AH 2

Thinborne Aramid Fiber Case

This is actually a company that I came across last year. I tried out their Aramid Fiber cases for the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Pixel 8 Pro and was blown away. This is one of the more expensive cases on the list, but I feel like it’s worth the price. This is an Aramid Fiber case made of 600D Aramid Fiber, and it also comes with two tempered glass screen protectors for $59.98.

This is a pretty thin case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and it fits like a glove. It can be somewhat of a struggle to get it on and off, but honestly, why would you want to take it off, ever? It’s such a stunning-looking case that also adds MagSafe functionality. It doesn’t block the S Pen from working like some others we’ve seen. So that’s a really good thing to see. And it works incredibly well with MagSafe accessories. I used it with a Baseus MagSafe battery pack, and it worked as well as it would have with an iPhone. So there’s that.

Some Aramid Fiber cases won’t give you protection all around your phone, like on the sides. But Thinbornd does just that. The only major cut-out here is for the buttons on the right side. Other than that, there are smaller cutouts on the bottom and top for the charging port, speaker, S Pen, microphones, and such. But you get protection on all four sides, which is great to see.

Something to be aware of with Aramid Fiber cases, however, is that they do attract all sorts of oils and such. So after a few days, it won’t look as great as it does in the picture above. It does require some extra care, but if you do that extra care, you could have a really good looking case after a few months. And one that will also do a great job of protecting your Galaxy S24 Ultra.

If you’re looking for a thin case that is going to look good, provide MagSafe functionality, and protect your new Galaxy S24 Ultra, then this is definitely the one to pick up.

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Best Rugged Case with Kickstand

61u0MkooLrL AC SL1200

Spigen Tough Armor

The Spigen Tough Armor is such a great case for those who are worried about dropping their phones. It’s a dual-layer case from Spigen that is able to offer up a soft inner layer for protecting your phone and then a hard shell on the outside. This makes it so that the case can absorb more impact when you drop your phone. Definitely important for a phone that costs $1,299.

Spigen has included a raised bezel on this case, and with the flat display, that gives you quite a bit of protection on your Galaxy S24 Ultra. So when your phone does hit the ground, the case should take all of the impact, and not the phone. That’s what you want. That’s why you buy a case. It has the Air Cushion technology included, giving you peace of mind.

As if that wasn’t enough, Spigen has also included a kickstand on the back. Now, I will be honest here, the kickstand is pretty flimsy compared to some of the others on this list. It’s almost like the kickstand was an afterthought. Which it might have been, considering this is meant to be a rugged case. But it’s there if you need it.

Spigen sells the Tough Armor for $19.99, making it one of the cheaper options on our list here. It’s available in black, Gunmetal, and Abyss Green. There is also a MagFit version that uses MagSafe. It’ll cost you $24.99, but it’s probably worth it if you want to use any MagSafe products with your Galaxy S24 Ultra. It’s the exact same, but it has the MagSafe magnet included.

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Best Clear Case with Kickstand

ESR Galaxy S24 Cases

ESR Kickstand Case

ESR is a brand that makes some really incredible accessories for the iPhone and now the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This is their kickstand case, which is a clear case with a kickstand built-in, and unlike a few others on this list, this one is not very flimsy, which is really great to see.

I actually got a chance to check these out at CES before the Galaxy S24 Ultra was even announced, and I really liked them. I should be getting them in for the Galaxy S24 Ultra soon. Despite my distaste for clear cases, this ESR case left a good impression on me. ESR has said they’ve gone the extra steps to make sure that the cases won’t yellow. That is a pretty common issue with clear cases, as they get exposed to elements and get used for a few months, usually longer.

On top of that, ESR is using a tough acrylic back that is going to be scratch-resistant and offer a flawless look. Clear cases do typically show scratches and dings a lot easier and faster than most other cases, so this is a pretty big deal.

So what about protection? ESR has you covered there, too, with military-grade drop protection and shockproof sides. So when you do drop your phone, you won’t have to worry about your phone getting damaged as the case will handle all of the impact.

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Best Scratch-Resistant Case

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra cases AM AH 1

Incipio cru. Protective Case

Once I got back from Unpacked and opened the box full of Incipio cases that the company had sent over, I fell in love with the cru. Case. This is an incredible-looking case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra and one that I’ll definitely be rocking for a while. This is a super scratch-resistant case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which comes in a few different styles, including a fabric-like camo style. Now this case is not cheap, it’s on the more expensive side for the cases we have listed here, it’s coming in at $49.99.

The only downside to this case is that there’s no MagSafe functionality built-in. If you’re not into MagSafe, then that’s not a problem, but it is nice to have. However, it still works with regular Qi wireless charging. There’s a nice cutout on the back for the camera, as well as the charging port, speaker, and S Pen slot on the bottom. The buttons are not cut out, but they are nice and clicky. So that doesn’t bother me at all.

This case was created with a co-mold, inlay textile, and TPU construction, making this a pretty sturdy case and one that can stand the test of time. And the test of dropping your phone. It’s not the thinnest case out there, but it does offer plenty of protection, making that trade-off worth it.

As mentioned, the Incipio cru. Protective Case is going to cost you $49.99. It comes in three colors: Navy Camo, Navy Canvas, and Brown Leather. The Brown Leather one kind of looks like a dark bandaid, but some might love it; it’s just not for me.

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Best Clear Case

71gyjE+OR9L AC SL1500

Ringke Fusion Transparent Phone Cover

Ringke is a name that’s been around for quite some time. I remember using their cases on the LG G3 back in the day, and now they’re back on our radar with a new transparent case that looks really incredible. Mixed with the titanium sides of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the Ringke Fusion does look incredible here, especially on the Natural Titanium color. It does have the usual cutouts for everything, including the USB-C port, speaker, and S Pen slot. There are no cutouts for the buttons, but Ringke has done a good job of making the buttons pretty clicky still.

There is military-grade protection with the Ringk Fusion, so you are able to have great peace of mind and not worry about your phone getting destroyed if you drop it once or twice. There are air cushions in the corner that will help absorb the impact since phones always seem to land on the corner when they get dropped.

Now, since this is a clear case, you’re probably worried about yellowing. Well, don’t. Ringke has done a great job with the material here on this case that is going to allow this case to keep from yellowing over time. It’ll stay transparent a year from now, if not longer.

This is a pretty cheap case, too, actually. The Ringke Fusion is available for just $13.99. It is also available in a matte clear that is $14.99, as well as a MagSafe Clear case for $23.99. So that’s $10 more MagSafe functionality. And if you’re looking to use any MagSafe accessories, you’ll want to splurge and get the MagSafe case.

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Best Thin Case

71WlFh0WZEL AC SL1200

Spigen Liquid Air

The Spigen Liquid Air is a really great thin case for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and I can’t wait to put it on my Galaxy S24 Ultra actually. This is a pretty thin case that does still offer military-grade protection, and it’s just $17. Spigen offers it in four colors: matte black, abyss green, deep purple, and granite gray. The Deep Purple looks especially good on the Titanium Violet Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Like a lot of Spigen’s cases, the Liquid Air does include a raised bezel that is going to make it easier to protect your phone. As the phone falls, the case is going to absorb the impact of the phone, which is the main reason why we buy cases for our phones. It also has air cushion tech in the sides, so when your phone drops, it’ll absorb the impact on any and every side.

What I really like about this case is that it has really great cutouts for everything from the cameras to the charging port to the S Pen slot and more. It also has very clicky buttons included. But the best part is the textured back. It’s a triangle texture on the back that does a really great job of adding grip and making it tougher to fall out of your hands. And that’s another major reason why we buy cases for our phones.

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Best Customizable Case

EF MS928 005 Dynamic Yellow 1600x1200

Samsung Flipsuit Case

Who else is tired of these same old, same old cases for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and every other phone. Well Samsung is also tired of it, which is why they have created Flipsuit, a case that actually debuted last summer with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5. But now it is available for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Basically, it’s available as a case with a card or a cover that snaps onto the back of your Galaxy S24 Ultra and then changes the wallpaper on your phone to match. I got the chance to check this out at Unpacked, and it’s really cool to be quite honest. It uses the NFC chip inside the phone to tell it what cover is attached and to change the wallpaper and lock screen.

Obviously, this kind of case is not going to be for everyone, but for those who really want to customize their phones, this is going to be the way to do it. Especially since you don’t have to add skin to your phone, which you can’t use again every time you remove it. Which is rather annoying, but hey, this is as easy as switching out a case or a cover. And the best part is, they aren’t crazy expensive, so you could get a few of them for your phone.

The Flipsuit Case comes in a bunch of different designs, as well as the Flipsuit Card. The Flipsuit Card is going to cost you $14.99, while the Flipsuit Case will cost you $39.99. So you can choose whether you want a full-on case or just a cover that snaps onto the back of your Galaxy S24 Ultra. If you’re like me and prefer to be naked with your phones, then that might be the better option for you. Samsung has about 10-15 different designs right now, and we expect that more will be on the way.

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