Big leak details Google’s entire Pixel roadmap through 2025

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Google usually keeps its Pixel announcements fairly under wraps to a certain degree even if some stuff does end up leaking out ahead of time, but never to the amount that this roadmap is laying out before us. A new leaked roadmap, as reported by Android Authority, showcases some pretty juicy details for Google’s Pixel lineup through 2025.

Of course, the leaks don’t give everything away. The key detail worth paying attention to here is that the roadmap more or less showcases what consumers can expect from Google’s Pixel line for the next three years. Some of the information may surprise you and some of it may not. Suffice it to say, a leak of this magnitude definitely has to be one of the bigger leaks with regards to mobile devices.

Because if accurate, consumers now know what Google plans to launch in 2023, 2024, and 2025.

Here’s what to look forward to with the Pixel roadmap next year

To kick things off, 2023 seems to be the year of a few upcoming Pixel devices. Two devices are already somewhat familiar (at least in name) to the general public. The Pixel Fold and the Pixel 7a. According to the leak, both of these devices will be announced during Google I/O in 2023, potentially with a launch sometime soon after.

2023 will reportedly continue with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro launching in the Fall, codenamed Shiba and Husky respectively. This timeframe is typically when Google launches its new flagship Pixel phones. Neither of the Pixel 8 phones are supposed to have drastic changes, and appear to be more about refinement. Though the leak does mention that the Pixel 8 will have an overall smaller form factor than the Pixel 7 with a slightly smaller display.

2024 and beyond

In 2024, Google could launch the Pixel 8a, codenamed Akita. Although whether or not Google actually launches it may depend on the Pixel 7a’s success. The leak suggests that Google wants to move away from annual A series launches. Instead desiring to launch a new A series phone every two years. So as to be more in line with Apple and its launch of the SE series phone. However, if it does launch the device would see a price increase to the $499 price point.

The Fall 2024 launch of the Pixel 9 series is where things begin to get more interesting. Here, Google is said to have plans for three Pixel flagships. These would include a Pixel 9, a Pixel 9 Pro (codenamed Komodo), and a smaller version of the Pro. This second Pro model (codenamed Caiman) would keep all the same features. But use a smaller 6.3-inch display instead of a 6.7-inch one.

Google may also set out to launch a second foldable in 2024 depending on the success of the first one. As for 2025, Google’s plans are said to potentially include four main Pixel devices. The base-level and two pro-level flagships, and a third foldable that would complete with the Galaxy Z Flip. Again though, any of these plans could change depending on the success of the launches from previous years.

Alternatively, if the Flip-style foldable ends up scrapped, Google would release a smaller version of the base Pixel flagship. So there would be one standard size and one small size of the base Pixel, and the same for the Pro models.

Naturally, these are all just leaks. And with nothing confirmed and nearly everything being so far out with plenty of variance, things may not shake out exactly like this. But it’s an interesting peek into Google’s potential phone plans for the next few years.

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