Blizzard is making it easier to unlock new ‘Overwatch 2’ heroes

One of the major (and controversial) changes Blizzard made in Overwatch 2 was gating new heroes behind a battle pass. However, it should be a little easier for players to unlock the latest character, Ramattra, in the game’s second season. Players who opt for the free track of the battle pass won’t need to grind through as many levels before they can use the new tank in all game modes. Making some weekly challenges less of a chore should mean players can level up more quickly too.

“After reviewing data for Season 1, we’re moving Ramattra into Tier 45 of the Battle Pass and making a few more weekly challenges easier to complete,” Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller wrote on Twitter. “Excited for you all to see everything new in Season 2 starting tomorrow!”

Although Blizzard could again move heroes to higher levels of the battle pass in future seasons, that seems unlikely given the backlash it received in season one. Once the launch issues abated and everyone was able to log in, new players had to reach level 55 of the free battle pass to unlock Kiriko, which took many folks quite a while. Alternatively, they could buy the premium pass, which costs around $10, to instantly add the support to their roster. Players coming over to Overwatch 2 from the original game gained access to Kiriko for free, as well as Junker Queen and Sojourn.

Those who buy the season two premium pass will get access to Ramattra right away as well. I’ve had a little bit of hands-on time with the new hero, who can shift into different forms and is all about closing the gap between his team and the enemy. Once he gets in close, he can deal devastating damage, especially since his ultimate ability can last indefinitely. Ramattra seems like a powerful (and fun!) addition to the roster, which could prompt more tank players to pay for the premium pass to unlock him as swiftly as possible. 

However, adding a new tank to the mix could make queue times longer for many folks. Not enough players are opting for support heroes, which has led to lengthy waits for tank and damage players to get into a match. Blizzard plans to make supports more fun and rewarding to play, but when rad new characters are introduced to other roles, players may be more likely to want to try them out instead.

Ramattra’s far from the only addition in season two. There’s a Greek mythology theme and the battle pass includes skins that pay homage to the likes of Zeus and Poseidon. There’s also a new map, balance changes for several heroes and a brand-new limited-time mode that will go live in January.