Chrome for Android’s search bar is getting a Material You makeover

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The majority of Android looks completely different from how I did last year, as Google applied the Material You paint job to most aspects of the software. This includes apps, and the UI in general. However, there are still some small aspects that need to be touched up. According to 9To5Google, Google is currently testing a Material You design for the Omnibox in Chrome on Android.

Material You is more than a year old, and Google promised to revamp pretty much every aspect of Android to fit the new design aesthetic. It worked hard last year and this year to change all of its apps and services to match the design, and other third-party companies have followed suit. Just recently, YouTube finally jumped on the Material You train. Even smaller indie apps such as Bundled Notes also brought Material You.

The Chrome for Android Omnibox is getting Material You

If you’re unfamiliar with the Omnibox, it’s what Chrome calls the address bar up top. It has a more versatile sound to it, as you can use it to also make general search queries as well. Google has been testing a bit of a revamp for the Omnibox for a few months now, and we’re starting to see the fruits of its labor.

Basically, it appears that Google wants the Omnibox to look more like the Google Search widget in the Pixel launcher. When you use the Search widget, you’ll see all of your results housed in little separate cards. The top card is rounded so as to give the appearance that you’re all sitting in a rounded rectangle.

Chrome omnibox material you

The Omnibox is going for something similar to this. Looking at the screenshot above (the left shows the Google Search widget, the middle one shows the current Omnibox, and the right one shows you the Omnibox with Material You applied) we see that the new Omnibox also plans to have each result in its own little card. The top card has rounded corners, but they’re not quite as rounded as with the Search widget.

We’re not quite sure when this change will make it to the public. However, we should definitely see more on this story soon.

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