Chrome for mobile adds handy action shortcuts for local businesses

Google is making subtle quality-of-life improvements to the Chrome mobile apps. The Android and iOS versions of the browser now offer quicker access to crucial info, trending searches and live sports scores in the Discovery Feed.

Chrome Actions, preset tasks that appear in the browser’s address bar when cued by trigger words, now include one for local businesses. When you search for something like a nearby restaurant, a shortcut will appear at the top of the bar showing the eatery’s name and address, along with buttons to call, get directions or read reviews.

The feature is available now in Chrome for Android, and Google says it will arrive on iOS this fall.

Before and After screenshots of the Chrome mobile app search results.

Chrome mobile is also getting new usage-based shortcut suggestions. If you typically type a particular phrase to get to a specific website, the browser will learn it and include a link to it high in your search suggestions. As the example above shows, if you usually enter “schedules” to see the City Metro’s webpage, its link will appear more prominently in the recommendations.

Mobile Chrome’s Discover Feed, the contextual cards you see when opening a new tab or the Google app on mobile, will now include live sports scores. When a team Google has learned that you like is playing, a Discover card now shows the live score, which will be automatically updated.

Trending searches, something Android devices already show in the Chrome address bar (before you type anything), are now available on iOS. Finally, the browser’s tablet address bar better matches the company’s Material You design language. The bar on tablets also now includes the current website at the top — always visible — to make it easier to stay put.

You can read more about Google’s Chrome additions on the company’s blog.

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