Dirac and Bluesound partner to boost your audio setup

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Life is better when we all work together! Dirac and Bluesound, two popular audio companies, have partnered to help boost your room’s audio setup. Through this partnership, select Bluesound devices will come with Dirac Live out of the box. This is great for people who want to get the most from their speakers.

When you listen to music in your room, there’s a chance that your room could have a negative effect on the sound you’re hearing. It could be the shape of the room, the objects in it, etc. These could cause sound waves to clump in certain areas. It could also cause some sound waves to be too quiet.

Dirac is a company that primarily focuses on room audio correction. This tunes the audio so that it compensates for whatever effect your room has on it. It will tune it so that the audio sounds crisp and clear.

Dirac partnered with Bluesound to help improve your multi-room audio

If you’re an audiophile, audio engineer, composer, etc., then you’ll want to make sure that you’re hearing the audio as clearly as possible. This is true even if you have a quality speaker. Bluesound is a company that makes some great speakers. The company specializes in upper-tier and luxury speakers. Its portfolio includes speakers for personal use and for your home theater.

If you have such high-quality speakers, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re hearing the best possible sound. This is where this partnership comes in. As noted by the two companies, future Bluesound devices will come with Dirac Live compatibility out of the box. While this is good news, neither company indicated which devices will come Dirac-ready.

If you buy one of those devices, it will be able to use the Dirac Live software once you purchase a Dirac license. This means that you’ll be able to calibrate the Bluesound speaker using the Dirac Live software right away.

Bringing the Dirac software to you

Dirac Live is a software solution, but you have the option to purchase a calibration kit. The report states that Bluesound will make calibration kits available to purchase on its site. On the Bluesound website. The company will offer the kit when the first Dirac-ready device becomes available to purchase.

What’s neat is the fact that the companies are exploring making these speakers backwards-compatible. So, your current Bluesound speakers might eventually be compatible with Dirac Live.

If you’re excited about improving your audio setup, then you’ll want to keep an ear out for new updates.

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