Dish will launch a $25/month unlimited mobile plan

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Most of us know Dish as the satellite TV provider. While this is true, the company made its foray into the smartphone carrier market earlier this year. Now it’s looking to gain some ground. Because of that, Dish will offer a $25/month plan to take on the likes of T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, according to Chedder.

Back when T-Mobile acquired Sprint, it was agreed that Dish Network would create its own smartphone carrier service. It’s looking to become the fourth major carrier in the United States, taking the spot left by Sprint.

It needed to cover at least 20% of the United States with its signal by a certain date earlier this month. Fortunately, it met the deadline.

Dish will launch a new $25/month plan

Right off the bat, it’s important to know that this plan is not currently available to the public. The plan entered beta testing today, and the company opened the beta test for new sign-ups.

Dish is definitely not holding its punches for this plan. The head of boost Mobile, Steven Stokols, said that “Americans have been forced to pay for complex and expensive wireless service because of the stronghold of the big three.” He is, of course, referring to Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. We have to admit that the services from these three companies are rather expensive, and prices for these companies have been going up.

Dish calls this new $25/month the Boost Infinite plan, and it promises that Americans will save over 50% compared to the big three.

At the moment, Dish is using T-Mobile’s towers to deliver its signal, but that will change eventually. Dish has built more than 10,000 of its own towers, and they are able to reach more than 35% of the American population so far. Its next milestone is to hit 70% of the states with its signal. So, Dish is rapidly expanding and will hopefully be a cheaper alternative to more expensive plants.

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