Don’t miss these Cyber Monday deals on Astro gaming headsets

Astro Gaming Headsets Black Friday

Astro makes some of the most popular and sought after gaming headsets on the market, and Amazon is discounting a handful of the best ones for Cyber Monday. Take the Astro A50 for example. Which is down to $249.99. This is Astro’s most high-quality gaming headset and while expensive, it comes with a rich set of features that usually tend to warrant the price for consumers.

For one, it’s wireless. Which helps to cut down on the clutter as you don’t have a wire dragging across your lap. It also comes with a charging base/stand that both serves the function of keeping it juiced up when not in use, and having it look nice and on display. It gives you a place to put it too. You get other features like Dolby audio, 15+ hour battery life and multi-platform compatibility. Not to mention it has big, cushy, comfortable earpads for all-day use.

Amazon is cutting prices on other Astro headsets too, and they’re all more affordable than the A50 if you’re looking to spend less money. You can find the full list below.

All of these headsets are multi-platform, but there are also models specifically for Xbox and for PlayStation, with both also working with PC. There’s also multiple color options for the A10 model. You also have an option for an entry-level, mid-tier, and high-end gaming headset so there should be something for every price range.

Astro has been making gaming headsets and other peripherals for quite some time. And they’re the top choice for plenty gamers and professional gamers.

You can find all the deals on Astro gaming headsets for Cyber Monday by clicking here.

Astro Gaming Headsets

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