Fitbit is removing Google Sign-ins for its account

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Since Google acquired Fitbit back in 2019, the two companies remained two separate entities. However, the former announced that that era is coming to an end. Now, Fitbit is removing the ability to sign in using your Google account credentials.

While both companies maintained their own identities for the most part, Google is moving to fully integrate Fitbit as a proprietary service. This was hinted at when we saw the “Fitbit By Google” branding earlier this year. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, as we no longer consider Nest as its own company; we see it as a Google brand.

As with Fitbit, the company stated that Fitbit accounts will be phased out sometime in 2025. While we’re just coming up on 2023, we wouldn’t expect to see many changes just yet, however, we’re starting to see the transition happening.

Fitbit is removing the ability to log in using Google credentials

Surprising to no one, you’re able to sign in to your Fitbit account using your Google account. This is because these are two different accounts, but that will no longer be the case when the process is complete. You will handle everything through your Google account.

According to XDA Developers, people are reportingly seeing a notice when they’re logging in to their Fitbit accounts. “We are removing the option to log in to your account on using your Google credentials to support an improved experience coming soon.” It then offers people useful links explaining what’s going on and what they should do from this point.

So what does this mean for customers?

For starters, if you just picked a Fitbit device and you want to create an account, you’ll be required to use a Google account. So, it seems that the company has or will be halting new Fitbit account creation.

If you already have a Fitbit account, you should know your Fitbit login credentials. This is to make the transition from Fitbit to Google easier. This is all still in the starting stage, so you should expect some more changes to happen in the future.

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