Galaxy A55 and more Samsung devices receive the June update

Samsung Galaxy A55 1

With June ending soon, Samsung is hurrying to update all eligible Galaxy devices to the June security patch as quickly as possible. It recently released the latest security update for the Galaxy A55, Galaxy A14 5G, and Galaxy A05s. The company has already updated dozens of other models, including all flagships and foldables launched in the last three years.

Galaxy A55 picks up Samsung’s June security update

The Galaxy A55 is Samsung’s most premium A series model. Launched in March, this phone blends premium-ness with affordability. Like its predecessors, the device is slated to receive monthly security updates for at least three years before the frequency of updates drops. It will receive security patches for five years, i.e., until sometime in 2029, while OS updates will come up to Android 18.

Samsung recently started updating the Galaxy A55 to the June 2024 SMR (Security Maintenance Release). The new security release is currently available to users in Europe and Asia. The new firmware build numbers in the two regions are A556BXXS3AXF2 and A556EXXS3AXF3, respectively. This phone didn’t arrive in the US but was sold in a few other regions. The June SMR should soon reach those markets.

This month’s security release for Galaxy devices contains fixes for 59 vulnerabilities. As usual, these include Android OS patches from Google. The Android maker addressed 37 high-severity vulnerabilities across various software components and services that make up the core of the Android operating system. The other 22 vulnerabilities existed in Samsung’s software skin or Galaxy components.

Among those was a critical vulnerability that could lead to arbitrary code execution if threat actors exploited it. Long story short, these monthly security patches are important updates that you shouldn’t skip. If vulnerabilities remain unpatched, you expose yourself to potential security attacks and hacks. You can check for new updates on your Galaxy A55 from the Software update menu in the Settings app.

Galaxy A14 5G and A05s are also getting these security fixes

Alongside the Galaxy A55, Samsung is securing the Galaxy A14 5G and Galaxy A05s. These budget Android phones are getting the same vulnerability fixes with the June update. The updated build numbers for the phones are A146MUBS5CXF3 and A057FXXS4CXF1, respectively. The Korean firm should soon roll out the updates globally. These two models get quarterly patches, so Samsung may skip the next couple of SMRs before rolling out another security update. The 4G version of the Galaxy A14 has already received the latest security patch.

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