Galaxy S25 might get three chips with MediaTek in the mix

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Forget the often disappointing and sometimes controversial Exynos-Snapdragon dual-chip strategy for Samsung flagships. The company is reportedly considering a bold new direction by introducing a third chip brand to the Galaxy S25 series. A wild rumor says the next-gen flagships could also use MediaTek’s Dimensity processors.

Galaxy S25 could get a MediaTek chip in some markets

Samsung’s flagship smartphones run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets in the US, China, and a few other markets. The rest of the world, including Europe, gets its in-house Exynos processors. It has been this way for the past several years, except in 2023. Last year’s Galaxy S23 series shipped with a Snapdragon chip globally because the Korean firm didn’t make a flagship Exynos chip.

However, it returned to the usual dual-chip strategy this year, albeit slightly differently. Samsung didn’t make an Exynos version of the Galaxy 24 Ultra, while the other two models arrived with Exynos in some markets and Snapdragon in others. The firm was expected to do the same with the Galaxy S25 series next year, but rumors suggest something else.

According to industry sources, Samsung’s yield rate of the Exynos 2500 is too low. It was hovering around 20% in recent months, which isn’t enough for mass production. The company must achieve a 60% yield by the end of September for the new Exynos chip to be ready for the Galaxy S25 series. This is a massive challenge that the Korean behemoth may struggle to pass.

If it doesn’t, the 2025 flagships may run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 globally. This might be a loss of business for Samsung’s semiconductor division, but Galaxy fans won’t complain. Most of them want the company to exclusively use Snapdragon chips in the S series. But the firm may have different ideas. If it can’t make enough Exynos chips, it might bring MediaTek into the mix.

Korean publication The Financial News reports that Samsung’s Exynos 2500 yield has improved to 40%, which is a good sign. However, the firm isn’t putting all its eggs in one basket and is considering using MediaTek’s Dimensity chips in Galaxy S25 phones in some regions. An earlier report said MediaTek is willing to offer exclusive discounts to Samsung, so there might be a price factor too.

The next Snapdragon is getting pricier

Samsung probably wants to reduce the share of Snapdragon chips in its flagships to cut manufacturing costs. Qualcomm is said to increase the price of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 by around 30%, taking it as high as $260. The Korean firm cannot absorb this hike, making the Galaxy S25 phones costlier. It might be considering using MediaTek chips as a potential workaround if it cannot make sufficient Exynos chips.

If this happens, it would be the first time Samsung’s flagship lineup adopted a three-pronged chip strategy. It is a big “if,” though. Industry insiders should soon come forward with more information if the company has initiated talks with MediaTek. For the time being, take this report with a pinch of salt. Leaks and rumors about the Galaxy S25 series might gain traction following the next Unpacked on July 10.

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