Galaxy S25 Ultra’s design changes detailed: Slimmer and curvier

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra AM AH 01

Like it or not, Samsung‘s Galaxy S25 Ultra looks set to ditch the current Ultra’s boxy design with sharp corners. It will reportedly feature curved or rounded corners, similar to other models in the lineup. The next-gen Galaxy flagship will also be thinner than any recent Ultra.

The Galaxy S25 Ultra’s curved design is identical to the infamous Note 7

Shortly after claiming that Samsung will redesign the Galaxy S25 Ultra to make the corners less pointy, noted tipster Ice Universe compared the new look with the infamous Galaxy Note 7. The tipster says the upcoming Ultra’s corners will be as round or curved as the ill-fated Note phone from 2016.

This is a weird comparison considering that most of Samsung’s smartphones today already have a curved design. A boxy design is a distinct identity of the Ultra flagships that the company adopted in 2022. The Galaxy S21 Ultra and older models had curved corners. Samsung switched to a boxy body with the Galaxy S22 Ultra after it added S Pen support to fill the gap created by the discontinuation of the Note lineup.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra from 2020, which was the last model in the lineup, had sharp corners. The company brought the same design over to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Most Galaxy fans loved it. However, for reasons best known to Samsung, next year’s Galaxy S25 Ultra will switch back to a curved design. Maybe its new design head Hubert H. Lee doesn’t see sharp corners as a right fit with a flat display and flat edges.

As far as the comparison with the Galaxy Note 7 is concerned, maybe the tipster has some data for the curvature of the Galaxy S25 Ultra‘s corners. The Note’s curvature seems somewhat of a middle ground between the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S21 Ultra. This redesign should also make the next Ultra’s screen rounded instead of a complete rectangle. It will be interesting to see how Samsung balances it all.

The upcoming flagship will be thinner than recent models

The same tipster also claimed that the Galaxy S25 Ultra will have a body thickness of 8.4mm. This makes it thinner than the Galaxy S24 Ultra (8.6mm). The previous three models—S21 Ultra to S23 Ultra—are 8.9mm thick. A sleeker build with less pointy corners should give the 2025 model a distinct look not seen on any recent Ultra flagships. We might soon see some unofficial renders visualizing these design changes, giving us a better idea of what the Galaxy S25 Ultra will look like.

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