Galaxy Tab S8 series discontinued in the US & more markets

samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra

Before the arrival of new generations of products, it is common for brands to stop selling older models. It seems that this is what Samsung is doing, as they have discontinued the Galaxy Tab S8 series. The company is currently working on the Galaxy Tab S10 series, which will arrive later this year. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Tab S9 series is still available.

Samsung had already shown signs of wanting to discontinue its 2022 flagship tablets. A few weeks ago, you could find some amazing deals for these devices on the company’s official website. The most premium model, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, was available for just $650. Considering its specs, it was one of the best options on the market.

Samsung is discontinuing the Galaxy Tab S8 series after stock cleaning

However, as of today, none of the Tab S8 deals are available. In fact, you can no longer buy any of these tablets on the company’s official website for the US. The sections dedicated to these devices are still live, including the “Buy” button. But you’ll get a message saying, “The device is no longer available for purchase on; however, please take a look at additional options in the Galaxy family.”

The Galaxy Tab S8 series has been discontinued on Samsung’s website in multiple countries. Such is the case in the United States, the Netherlands, and Germany. That said, it is still available in some markets, such as the UK and India. It seems that there is still some stock left in those countries, and the tablets will be discontinued once they are sold out. It seems unlikely that the brand will be able to replenish the stock of these tablets.

Just because the Galaxy Tab S8 series is not available on Samsung’s website doesn’t mean you can’t get it anywhere. You may still be able to purchase it from third-party vendors. These devices are still very capable, especially the Ultra model. Plus, they still have a couple of years of big Android updates left after receiving One UI 6.1. So, if you were looking for a tablet, this may be the ideal time to try to find a good deal.

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