Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy S21 & A52s 5G also get December update

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra AH 03

Samsung is almost done rolling out the Android 13 update to its eligible Galaxy devices. Only a few budget models are left now. But the company isn’t taking a break after a marathon run of updates. It has already shifted the focus to the December 2022 Android security patch. After a slow start, the firm is rapidly seeding the latest SMR (Security Maintenance Release) to its devices. The Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy S21 series, and Galaxy A52s 5G are the latest models to pick up the new security release.

The December SMR is currently rolling out to the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in Asia and Australia. The updated firmware version for the latest clamshell foldable to come out through Samsung’s doors is F721BXXS1BVKC. This release doesn’t bring any new features or improvements to the device, which isn’t surprising since it comes right on the heels of the Android 13 update. It’s all about the latest vulnerability fixes. The Korean firm should soon expand this release to other regions, including the US.

The Galaxy S21 series, meanwhile, is initially picking up the December SMR in Europe. The rollout has begun in Switzerland with firmware version G991BXXU5DVKF. The changelog once again only mentions the latest security patch. This phone also recently received Android 13, so that is fair enough. A global rollout of this month’s security update for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra should be right around the corner.

The latest security patch for the Galaxy A52s 5G is also initially rolling out in Europe. It’s a much wider release in the region this time around. Samsung shouldn’t take much longer to bring this update to other markets where this premium mid-range smartphone was sold. If you’re using it, watch out for an update with firmware version A528BXXS1DVL2. Let us reiterate that there’s nothing else in this package. You are only getting the December SMR here.

More Galaxy devices receive the December security update

Samsung released the December SMR a little late by its usual standards. But in no time, it has already updated over a dozen of Galaxy smartphones to the latest security patch. It fixes no less than 80 vulnerabilities, including at least five critical ones that allowed remote code execution without additional privileges. As usual, some vulnerabilities don’t exist on certain models, but the majority do. Samsung will seed this month’s security patch to more Galaxy devices in the coming days. We will keep you posted.

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