Google Chrome’s new features improve mobile search on Android and iOS

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Today, Google announced five new Chrome features that aim to take the mobile search experience on Android and iOS to the next level. Notably, the latest update to Google Chrome brings new shortcut suggestions, better navigation across websites with the help of the redesigned address bar, and more.

Google boosts mobile search experience with Chrome’s new shortcut suggestions, redesigned address bar & more

Firstly, Google brings new Chrome Actions that save your time by allowing you to quickly engage with local businesses. Now, when you search for a business on Chrome, say a restaurant, you’ll see new shortcut button suggestions. You can use it to call the business, get its directions, or even read public reviews about it. This Chrome feature is now available on Android and will come to iOS later this fall.

Next up, a redesigned Chrome address bar is coming to iPads and Android tablets. Thanks to the new design, you can take advantage of large screen sizes. Plus, it is in line with the Material You design. Now, when you use the address bar, the website you’re currently browsing appears just below. So, if you want to return to it, you can do so without any hassle.

Google also brings new shortcut suggestions in the address bar of Chrome on both Android and iOS. The new feature gives your address bar a personalized touch. It allows you to revisit websites based on your usual typing habits. For example, let’s say you usually type “schedules” to check the time of your City Metro by visiting a particular website. With the new feature, Chrome will prioritize and show that suggestion when you start typing a similar search query in the address bar as seen below.

Chrome Shortcut Suggestions

Trending searches are now available for iOS users, too

Aside from new shortcut suggestions, Google is also bringing trending searches in Chrome for iOS users. Not to forget, this feature is already available on Android. For those uninitiated, trending searches are usually displayed below the Chrome address bar when you tap it from the New Tab page.

Finally, a new feature called Live Sports Cards is now available in Chrome’s Discover Feed on the New Tab page. These cards will offer Android and iOS users automatic updates about their favorite sports team’s live scores and highlights. Therefore, you are always updated with the latest news about your favorite sports and teams you love. All in all, Google, as always, is trying to make the Chrome app better by adding new features to elevate the web browsing experience for users on smartphones and tablets.

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