Google Maps could soon let you co-navigate with multiple drivers

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Google Maps is without a doubt one of the most widely used services by the search engine giant. Just like with its other popular products, Google continues to enhance the user experience by providing new features for Google Maps from time to time. The company is now reportedly working on a new functionality, which will make driving for a family getaway a lot less hassle.

According to a newly found patent, Google Maps will soon let users co-navigate with multiple drivers in real-time. The new feature will make it immensely easier for several people to meet up at a single location while co-navigating together.

Google Maps will soon make it easier for multiple drivers to co-navigate, even coming from different locations

Some patent documents regarding a new Google Maps feature have been uncovered by Igilta and David Kowalski (xleaks7 on X). The document describes a new Google Maps functionality that will make it easier for multiple drivers to co-navigate to a single destination. This feature will certainly be helpful in situations when people are meeting at a place while coming from different locations.

Currently, navigation on Google Maps is quite easy for individuals or one vehicle. After all, this is how the service is intended to be used. But, if you are traveling in a group, with separate vehicles coming from different locations, navigation becomes a little more complex. However, the feature seen in the patent will organize hassle-free multi-car co-navigation for you and your friends.

The patent hints at a lot of new features to revolutionize group travel by road in Google Maps

The patent’s details suggest that Google Maps will soon be getting a lot of new co-navigation features. These are expected to revolutionize group travel by road. The new features will identify situations in which multiple people in your group are going to the same place. The system will co-navigate all the users in the group by sending notifications, sharing the location of other vehicles, and more.

While co-navigating, Google Maps will also suggest meeting spots where routes of multiple drivers can merge. It will also provide notifications about the latest traffic and road conditions. These will be determined by the leading vehicle. If a car makes a detour, all other people in the group will be notified. If that’s not enough, once the destination is reached, the system will also help with parking.

It’s worth mentioning that the aforementioned Google Maps feature is just a patent at the moment. So, there’s no way to tell when exactly Google is planning to launch this functionality. Given the usefulness of the feature, we hope it sees the light of the day very soon.

Google Maps multiple drivers
Google Maps multiple drivers patent

Google Maps multiple drivers
Google Maps multiple drivers patent

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