Google Pixel 9 Shows Everything in another Hands-On Video

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Just last night, we saw a quick hands on video of the new Google Pixel 9, a solid month before it is being announced. Now, we’re seeing a little more in-depth video which shows the screen actually being turned on.

Thanks to Instagram user @Reparation_mobile23, we can see a good 27 seconds of the Google Pixel 9 in pink. The user shows every angle of the phone, as well as the screen being on and functional.

One of the first things you’ll notice from the screen being on, is that the bezels are symmetrical. That’s been a common complaint among older Pixel devices. This time around, the bottom bezel seems to be the same thickness as the other sides. Making it look pretty sleek.

The camera bar is squared off, as the renders showed

We get another look at the camera bar here, which is squared off this year. It’s a different look for Google, but it is one that we have seen in many renders as of late. So, this part does indeed appear to be true.

The back of the phone is a glossy finish, with a matte camera bar and sides. Similar to the iPhone 13 and 14, which was a matte finish on the sides and a glossy back. Google seems to be really taking inspiration from the iPhone this year, including the flat sides all around the device.

Something else to note here, this has the actual Google logo on the phone. That means this is not an early prototype, but likely the finished product. Another user did mention that it was already on sale in Algeria, so it’s likely that’s where this person got this one from too. There’s also no identifying markings on the phone to indicate that this is a Googler’s phone.

Google is set to announce the Pixel 9 at its Made by Google event on August 13, alongside many other Pixel products.

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