Google Pixel Buds Pro 2 to launch in these 4 color options

Google Pixel buds pro AH 5

The Google Pixel Buds Pro 2 are on the way, and their color options have just been revealed, it seems. The information comes from Dylan Roussel, he shared the color options we can expect via X.

The Google Pixel Buds Pro 2 will be coming in 4 color options, it seems

The Pixel Buds Pro 2 will launch in Haze, Mojito, Porcelain, and Raspberry color options. You can actually check out those colors below, as the source shared the colors themselves.

Pixel Buds Pro 2 rumored colors

The design of the earbuds themselves was not shared, as you can see, only the colors that they’ll adopt. Google is once again using fun color names, for lack of a better word.

Google announced the original Pixel Buds Pro back in May 2022. That was over two years ago at this point, so it may be about time for the company to deliver the second-gen model.

These earbuds could launch alongside Google’s Pixel 9 series smartphones

The thing is, we still don’t know when will these earbuds launch. Considering that the company’s Pixel phone launch event got moved to August, from October, the Pixel Buds Pro 2 could also be featured during it.

Considering that Google missed the 2-year mark for the Pixel Buds Pro 2, the company could combine the launch of these earbuds with the launch event of its smartphones. That makes sense.

As many of you know by now, the Google Pixel 9 series will launch on August 13. Google already scheduled that event, and it’ll be here in about a month. It will be odd having a Pixel event in mid-August, but… we’re glad it’s coming.

We don’t know much about the Pixel Buds Pro 2 at this point. Other than their colors, a rumor surfaced in April and claimed that the Pixel Buds Pro 2 case will include a larger battery on the inside. A 650mAh battery is tipped, instead of a 620mAh one in the Pixel Buds Pro case.

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