Google to bring brighter display to the Pixel Watch 3

Google Pixel Watch 3 XL (1)

The Pixel Watch series has been a fan-favorite with Pixel lovers and that’s likely to continue with the Pixel Watch 3, especially if a new rumor about the device’s display brightness proves to be true. As with smartphones, the display brightness of a smartwatch can be a huge issue for some users. Particularly if it isn’t bright enough to see in direct sunlight. At full brightness, this isn’t a problem for everyone, and certainly not with every smartwatch. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t improvements to be made in this area.

Thankfully, it looks like Google is going to make some of these improvements to the Pixel Watch 3 that the Pixel Watch 2 was still lacking. Even after all of its notable upgrades. And according to a new report, the display brightness is one of these areas where Google is going to improve the watch.

The Pixel Watch 3 will have better display brightness among other upgrades

Whether the display brightness on the Pixel Watch 2 bothered you or not, the fact remains that it could stand to be just a tad brighter. It seems Google also noticed this and is going to be making this adjustment with the upcoming watch. A new report from Android Authority suggests that this is one of a few upgrades that users can expect when the smartwatch launches.

This isn’t a small upgrade either. The report states that Google is bumping the display brightness up to 2,000 nits. That’s exceptionally bright when you consider this is double the display brightness of the Pixel Watch 2. And well over the display brightness of some current smartphones. What’s more, is that the display on the Pixel Watch 3 should have smaller bezels, too. Last year’s watch came with bezels that measured 5.5mm, but Google is trimming this down to 4.5mm with the Pixel Watch 3.

Additionally, this will be the case for both models of the watch. So regardless of which size you choose (41mm or 45mm), you’ll get more usable display real estate.

Expect new colors and a larger battery for the larger watch

Display brightness upgrades are one thing, but if there’s anything the Pixel Watch really needs, it’s a longer-lasting battery. The standard 41mm Pixel Watch 3 isn’t getting a bigger battery. It’ll stay the same with a 310mAh battery capacity that the Pixel Watch 2 has. However, the larger 45mm Pixel Watch 3 is rumored to come with a 420mnAh battery. We can’t say for certain how long this will extend the battery life.

But chances are it’ll last longer than the 24-hour battery life the Pixel Watch 2 offers. And it’s sorely needed. It’s also rumored that the Pixel Watch 3 will come with ultra-wideband support, a detail that was initially leaked yesterday. As for color options, it’s always nice to have more choices. The Pixel Watch 3 will introduce new colors for consumers including a new Rose Quartz band option, and a new Hazel case option that will come with a Hazel band. There’s also a new animation that users should end up seeing upon powering on the watch, which you can see below.

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