Google will soon offer Gemini AI to Students with School Accounts

Google Gemini Students education

Google is all set to bring its Gemini AI to teen students using their school accounts. The brand’s latest artificial intelligence-powered chatbot was already available for students using personal accounts, apart from millions of other users. However, the search titan is now making Gemini available to all teen students using Google Workspace for Education.

Google’s Gemini AI tech will be available to teen students across 100 countries soon

During the ISTE 2024 education conference, Google revealed that Gemini models will soon be available for all students with school accounts. The company said that Gemini is coming to teenagers through their Google Workspace for Education-issued accounts. Its AI chatbot will be available initially in English in more than 100 countries across the globe.

In a blog post, Google announced the Workspace for Education (school) account administrators will be able to enable Gemini on these accounts. The company also mentioned that Gemini on these accounts will “add extra data protection for all education users free of charge”.

Google Gemini for students in schools offers an additional level of data security

Besides, the company emphasizes that it will not use data from chat on these accounts to improve its Gemini AI models. To be specific, the data generated from school accounts wouldn’t be reviewed by anyone. Also, it will not be shared with other institutions.

Notably, Google claims that Gemini is tuned to identify content that’s inappropriate for teen users. It also has various guardrails to prevent inappropriate responses, such as illegal or age-gated substances, from appearing in results.

Notably, Gemini for students will automatically run a double-check response feature for fact-based questions “to help them develop information literacy and critical thinking skills”.

Google is also launching the Read Along in Classroom feature globally

Google has also announced that it is launching the Read Along in Classroom feature globally in the near future. Thanks to the feature, students across the world will be able to practice their reading skills in English. The feature will soon also provide additional support in a student’s native language. Additional language support will be limited to Spanish at the start. It will support more languages in the coming months.

Furthermore, the company has announced that a version of Google Vids without generative AI will be available to students/teachers. It will be offered on the Google Workspace for Education Plus accounts.

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