Google’s Find My Device network to get reliability improvements soon

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Google has been rolling out its enhanced Find My Device network across the globe in a gradual manner over the past few months. Over time, the search titan has also been improving features of the network. The company is already tipped to make it easier to remotely lock your Android device using the Find My Device network.

A recent report also suggested that the network may soon get AR directions and UWB support. Now, Google’s Find My Device network is all set to get various reliability improvements soon.

Find My Device network will become more reliable with upcoming improvements

In the past few weeks, users of Find My Device-compatible trackers like Pebblebee Tag have reported tracking issues with their devices. Google’s crowdsourced tracking networking reportedly doesn’t always work or offer proper tracking. However, the company has allegedly acknowledged the problem. According to Android expert Mishaal Rahman, Google’s Find My Device network will soon be more reliable, thanks to the upcoming improvements.

In a statement shared by Rahmaan, Google notes that it will soon be enhancing the Find My Device network. The upcoming updates will improve the speed and ability of the network, which will offer enhanced tracking of lost items. Besides, the company said that the network’s reliability will improve gradually over time as more and more devices join it.

Google is advising users to change network’s settings for improved tracking of lost items

As more devices continue to support the Find My Device network, it will provide improved tracking of lost items. Google is also suggesting Bluetooth tag owners change their Find My Device network setting to “With network in all areas”. This will help improve the network’s lost device findability capabilities in lower-traffic areas.

By default, this setting is set to “With network in high-traffic areas only”. This helps users track their lost or tracker-tagged devices using recent locations in busy areas like airports and footpaths. As per the company’s statement, the new updates to the Find My Device network will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

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