Google’s Nest Cams & Doorbells are discounted for Black Friday

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Amazon has a great deal on many of the new Nest Cams and Nest Doorbells, that you can take advantage of today. Instead of waiting for Black Friday. Here’s everything that’s on sale from Nest right now.

In this sale, we have the Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam (Wired) and the Nest Doorbell (Battery). Unfortunately, the new Nest Doorbell (wired) is not yet on sale. And we don’t expect that to go on sale anytime soon.

The Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Cam (Wired) are virtually the same, minus the one key feature of a battery on the Outdoor model. It’s also weatherproof. So you can keep it outside in the winter. Both are able to record in 1080p HD video, and upload to the cloud, which you can take a look at anytime, especially if you have Nest Aware. The Nest Cam (wired) is available in a few different colors as well.

Then there is the Nest Doorbell (Battery). Like the Nest Cam Outdoor, this does also have a battery inside. Which can last about 2 months, depending on your settings and such. It is able to tell you when someone is outside your home, as well as send you notifications about packages. With Nest Aware, it also has person identification, so it can tell you who is actually outside of your home right now. Which is really neat. It also comes in a few different colors, like the Nest Cam (Wired).

You can pick up these Google Nest products from Amazon today in this sale by clicking here. But this sale won’t last long, and neither will the stock, so you’re going to want to grab these before they are gone.

Google Nest Sale – Amazon

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