Here are the specs for the Galaxy Watch 7 and 7 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra Renders (9)

Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of the vein in every Samsung executive’s head collectively pulsating with rage as the community continues to leak its upcoming devices. We all know pretty much everything to know about the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Z Flip 6, Watch 7/7 Ultra, and Buds 3. Sure, there are still details in the shadows, but don’t expect us to pull a Macaulay Culkin when Samsung unveils these devices. A new leak has revealed just about EVERYTHING about the Galaxy Watch 7 series.

In case you don’t know, the countdown has started. Samsung is going to have its next Unpacked event on July 10th, which is weeks earlier than last year’s event. We’re just over a week away from the event, and we expect to see its next foldable, watches, and earbuds. Along with that, Samsung could unveil its Galaxy Ring, which was showcased earlier this year. As if that’s not enough, we also expect Samsung to unveil some new additions to Galaxy AI.

A leak just revealed the specs of the Galaxy Watch 7 series

You’ve got to love leaks like these; ones that spill the beans of everything about a device. It diminishes the mystique, yes, but some people just can’t wait for information. Dealabs just burst the piñata and let a bunch of information fall to the ground. It posted the full list of specs for both the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra.

To catch you up, it looks like Samsung won’t be releasing a Classic Watch 7. Rather than that, we’re getting a base-level Galaxy watch and an Ultra model. While Samsung has been using the “Ultra” moniker for years, it’s obvious that the company was taking inspiration from Apple. This is something we’re seeing with the Galaxy Buds 3 as well.

Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra specs

While this seems like valid information, you’ll still want to take this news with a grain of salt. There’s no telling if any details aren’t accurate.

Starting off with the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra, this watch will be the more robust of the bunch. According to the information, this watch could be a 47mm watch with a 1.5-inch display Super AMOLED screen. That’s the same size as the Galaxy Watch 6’s display. It will also share its 480 x 480 resolution. That screen could be protected by a sapphire glass screen. That should make it less vulnerable to scratches.

Moving onto the internals, Samsung will power this watch with its in-house Exynos W1000 wearable SoC. This will be an upgrade over the W930 in last year’s watches. It will have 2GB of RAM, which is a lot for a smartwatch. Also, it will have 32GB of storage. Again, that’s a lot for a smartwatch.

As for the battery, this watch could sport a large 590mAh battery which will feature fast wireless charging. The battery capacity is about 39% larger than the battery in the Watch 6.

The new Galaxy Watches will debut Samsung’s One UI Watch 6 running on top of Wear OS 5. This version is already in testing.

Other specs include Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz, IP68 water and dust resistance, a light sensor, BioActive sensors for measuring temperature and heart rate, a microphone, a speaker, etc.

The Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra could come in Titanium Gray, Titanium silver, and Titanium White.

Galaxy Watch 7 specs

Next up, we have the base Galaxy Watch 7. We’re looking at two different variants of this watch. The smaller of the two (40mm) could have a 1.3-inch screen with a 432 x 432 resolution. It will also be a Super AMOLED display. The larger model (44mm) could have a 1.5-inch display with the same 480 x 480 resolution as the Ultra. While these two are the less-expensive models, they could come with the same sapphire glass over the screen as the Ultra.

As for the processor, both the base models could come with the same Exynos W1000 powering the Ultra model. They could also have the same 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage as the Ultra.

Moving onto the battery, the 40mm Galaxy Watch could have a 300mAh battery, and the 44mm model could have a larger 425mAh battery. Those are pretty typical battery capacities for smartwatches. We’re not sure if Samsung will bring new battery optimizations with the latest version of its wearable software.

Speaking of that, these watches will, obviously, come with the same software powering the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra. Along with that, the base Galaxy Watch 7 models will come with the same IP68 rating, sensors, microphone, and speaker as the Ultra.

As for the colors, the 40mm models could come in Green and Cream while the 44mm model could come in Green and Silver.

With so many similarities between the base and Ultra Galaxy Watch 7 models, we have to wonder how Samsung plans to differentiate these models. Maybe it will bring exclusive features to that watch that aren’t available on the others.


These prices aren’t final, so you can expect some sort of variation. The base Galaxy Watch 7 might start at €319 ($343 USB). The USD conversion might be a little off, but we could be looking at a U.S. price of either $319.99 or $349.99.

As for the Ultra, this one might start at €699 ($751 USD). Again, the USD price could be different. It might be between $699.99 and $749.99.

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