Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Best Bluetooth, Portable Speakers – Updated December

Edifier MP230 3

Whether it’s the holidays or not, it’s always a great time to boost your audio game. There are so many Bluetooth and internet speakers out there to choose from.

But, that could be the issue- there are so many options out there that it could be difficult to pick the right one. Well, don’t worry, here’s a handy buyer’s guide to help you narrow down your selection. These include high-quality and high-value speakers to really get the energy flowing.

Product name Cost Where to buy
Edifier MS50A Wi-Fi Speaker $149.99 BestBuy
 Sony SRS-XB43 $278 Amazon
Google Nest Audio $99.99 Amazon
JBL GO2 $39.95 Amazon
Bose SoundLink Flex $149.99 BestBuy
Edifier MP230 $129.99 BestBuy
LG XBOOM GO $99.99 BestBuy
Philips S3505 $59.99 Amazon
Duoten F013 Pro $29.99 Amazon
EDUPLINK M6Pro $39.99 Amazon
Lenrue A22USCA $25.99 Amazon
Edifier G2000 $109.99 Amazon
DOSS Soundbox $34.99 Amazon

Edifier MS50A Wi-Fi Speaker

Edifier MS50a 4 ah

The Edifier MS50A is a hybrid Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker that has the style of a classic wooden speaker. It produces a punchy and high-quality sound with some powerful bass. It’s great for listening to more modern music.

You can either use it as a Bluetooth speaker or use Wi-Fi to connect to your Amazon Alexa account. This way, you can hear Alexa’s voice through it if you want to keep up with reminders. You can also listen to music through your Alexa account. For more information, you can read our full review.

Edifier MS50A Wi-Fi Speaker – BestBuy

Sony SRS XB43

If you’re looking for a complete package, then this speaker will be right for you. The Sony SRS-XB43 is a small speaker, but it can produce a loud and full sound. It has two tweeters and two subwoofers to cover a wide range of frequencies. That’s not all, as it also has two passive radiators to distribute the bass.

This is a great speaker to take outside as well. It has IP67 water and dust resistance, so you won’t have to worry about it getting wet. It can be submerged in 3 feet of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

Sony SRS-XB43 – Amazon

Google Nest Audio

Google Nest Audio speaker volume LEDs DG AH 2020

The Google Nest Hub is one of the best speakers you can get if you’re into the Google ecosystem. The main draw to this speaker is the tight Google Assistant integration. This makes it great if you use this voice assistant to plan out your day or get information.

The speaker itself produces an amazing sound, so you’ll be able to enjoy your music with it as well. It’s a smart speaker that works as a regular speaker.

Google Nest Audio – Amazon


JBL waterproof speakers

The JBL GO2 is for those who need a super light and portable speaker. Measuring only a few inches in each dimension, this speaker can fit in any bag or even in your pocket if it’s big enough.

Despite its size, this speaker can still produce a loud and punchy sound. JBL managed to fit a set of high-quality drivers it this small speaker. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a speaker to take anywhere.

JBL GO2 – Amazon

Bose SoundLink Flex

Bose Soundlink Flex

If you’re looking for a speaker that’s perfect for traveling, then you might want to look into the Bose SoundLink Flex. This is a portable speaker that can fit in a bag on a small table. While it’s small, the sound it produces is certainly not.

If you’re planning on leaving the house with this speaker, you’re more than protected. This phone is IP67 water and dust-resistant, and it has a rugged design. It can sure take a beating and keep going.

Bose SoundLink – BestBuy

Edifier MP230

Edifier MP230 6

The Edifier MP230 is not only a speaker, it’s a piece of decoration. This beautifully stylish speaker is modeled after the traditional radios from the 1950s and 1960s. Unlike speakers for the 50s and 60s, it uses Bluetooth, Aux cord, and microSD card inputs.

Along with looking nice, the sound is top-notch. It produces a well-balanced sound that’s great for all genres of music. Listening to it is a real treat, and this is why it gained a 5-star rating on our full review.

Edifier MP230 – Amazon



LG is known in the audio industry for its Tone Free wireless earbuds, but the company also has a line of Bluetooth speakers. The LG XBOOM speaker is meant to really bring the bass with a pair of 2.3-inch subwoofers and two passive radiators.

You should expect great audio from this speaker because of the Meridian audio tuning. This, combined with the great hardware, will make for an amazing audio experience.

LG XBOOM GO – Amazon

Philips S3505

Philips S3505

The Philips S3505 is a speaker that’s meant to go places. It measures only 4.5 inches tall, so you can easily carry it and store it. While it’s small, the 1.75-inch full-range driver delivers a powerful sound. This, coupled with the passive radiator, makes for a full and bassy sound.

This is also a great travel companion, as it has IPX7 water resistance. This means that, if you drop it in fresh water, it will be perfectly fine. Just don’t drop it in pool water or seawater.

Philips S3505 – Amazon

Duoten F013 Pro

Duoten Speaker

If you like to listen to music in the shower, then this speaker is perfect for you. Though the DuoTen F013 Pro is small, it’s more than loud enough to overpower any noisy shower.

But, being loud isn’t enough. This speaker can stick to the side of the shower via a suction cup. Since it’s in the shower with you, the IPX7 water resistance comes in handy. It can take any amount of water splashed on it.

Duoten F013 Pro – Amazon


EDUPLINK Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to add some color to your music listening, then the EDUPLINK M6Pro will be a great option. This speaker can deliver a powerful and bassy sound with the passive radiator and powerful drivers inside.

The main feature of this speaker is the array of lights that pulse along with the music. It produces a spectacular light show to go along with your music. There are a bunch of different colors and designs that you can choose from as well.

EDUPLINK M6Pro – Amazon

Lenrue A22USCA

LENRUE Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for an affordable speaker with good audio, then the Lenrue A22USCA is perfect. For under $30, you have a speaker with a powerful stereo sound that can fill up a room with audio. There are two drivers giving a well-balanced sound making it perfect for any genre of music.

Along with that, this speaker is IPX6 water-resistant. This means that you can take it outside with you without worrying about it getting wet. You will just want to be careful not to bring it to the beach or the pool.

Lenrue A22USCA – Amazon

Edifier G2000

Edifier G2000

If you’re looking for some great speakers for your gaming setup, then the Edifier G2000 Gaming Speakers are perfect. These let you listen to music via Bluetooth, USB, and through the 3.5mm headphone jack.

They have an incredible sound that’s well-balanced. They will definitely immerse you in your game. The icing on the cake is the RGB lights on the speakers. You can customize their color and their pulsing patterns.

Edifier G2000 – Amazon

DOSS Soundbox

DOSS Soundbox

The DOSS Soundbox combines excellent sound and great visuals. This speaker comes in a myriad of different colors, and they’re all appealing. It’s not only pretty, but it has two high-quality drivers that produce a powerful sound.

This speaker also has IPX4 water resistance. It can’t take a dip in water, but it’s protected against the occasional spill and splash.

DOSS Soundbox – Amazon

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