HONOR Magic V3 design confirmed, camera improvements coming

HONOR Magic V3 offical image 1

The HONOR Magic V3 has been all over the news lately. HONOR is looking to push the boundaries of foldable smartphone design once again. The HONOR Magic V3 design has just been confirmed, and some additional details were shared too.

HONOR just revealed the Magic V3 design, and it’s exciting

The company itself confirmed the phone’s design, and you can check it out in the gallery below. It’s obvious that HONOR is aiming to make the phone look a bit more similar to the Magic6 Pro. That camera oreo on the back is a dead giveaway.

HONOR Magic V3 official image 3

It has a similar camera placement to the Magic6 Pro. It’s not just for aesthetic purposes either. The HONOR Magic V3 is coming with a camera boost, more on that soon. You’ll notice that this orange variant has gold accents and a vegan leather backplate. It’s hard to deny it looks really nice. This model is referred to as ‘dark orange’, based on the tipster’s info. You can also check out the official promo video by clicking here.

The Magic Vs3 design was also confirmed by the company

It is worth noting that the Magic Vs3 design also got shared, you can check it out below this paragraph. A different camera oreo is included on the back for this one, with different camera placement.

HONOR Magic Vs3 offical image 1

The HONOR Magic V3 is the star of the show, though. That phone will be 9.Xmm thick based on the information shared thus far. It will also be quite light for a book-style foldable, as was its predecessor… allegedly even lighter.

HONOR is aiming to offer camera improvements this time around

What about its cameras? Well, Teme, a tipster, did share some information. The main camera will be a 50-megapixel ‘Eagle Eye’ camera. The phone will now include a periscope camera too, unlike its predecessor. A 3.5x optical zoom will be supported.

The tipster did clearly say that this time “HONOR also focuses on the camera side”. That is great to see. The Magic V2 had a good camera setup, but not flagship-worthy. The Magic V3 is looking to change that, it seems.

The HONOR Magic V3 and Vs3 will become official on July 12 in China. The global launch will follow later on, though hopefully sooner than it did for the Magic V2.

HONOR Magic V3 official image 4

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