HONOR Magic V3 launch date has just been announced

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The HONOR Magic V3 launch date has been announced by the company. The device will become official on July 12, so in 10 days. It will launch in China, and it won’t be the only device to arrive.

The HONOR Magic V3 launch date has been announced, and it’s not coming alone

HONOR will also announce the Magic Vs3, MagicPad 2, and MagicBook Art 14. It will be a packed event, it seems. Two foldable phones, a tablet, and a laptop will all arrive. The HONOR Magic V3 is definitely in focus, though.

HONOR Magic V3 launch event announcement

That smartphone will become the company’s new foldable flagship. The HONOR Magic V2 managed to leave quite an impression on us due to its thin profile. That was the first device that actually felt like a regular smartphone during use, and it was a book-style foldable.

The HONOR Magic V3, based on rumors, will push things even further. It’s said to be even thinner than its predecessor, and even lighter too. HONOR is looking to push the boundaries yet again.

The phone’s camera setup is a mystery, and we’re expecting to see an improvement

Let’s hope that HONOR will also improve its camera setup. That’s a bit ask considering that the phone is expected to be even more compact than it way, but let’s see what HONOR can do in that regard.

The company didn’t really want to overdo the camera hardware in the Magic V2, probably due to the thickness and heft. And even though it had a really good camera setup, HONOR can certainly do better based on the company’s flagship smartphone (the regular one).

The HONOR Magic Vs3 will likely be a cheaper variant of the HONOR Magic V3. It’s a bit surprising those two devices are coming at the same time, but there you have it. The HONOR Magic V2 did launch globally, though it arrived 6 months after the initial launch. Let’s hope that HONOR will move a bit more quickly this time around.

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