How to Cancel Peacock


Peacock is, actually, one of my favorite streaming services available today. Now a big part of that might be because I am a WWE fan, and being able to watch all of the Premium Live Events for just $6 per month (actually, it’s included in my Xfinity Internet now), is a big part of it. But Peacock also has loads of great originals, as well as some classics like Two and a Half Men, George Lopez, and many more.

However, Peacock might not be for everyone. Or you signed up to watch the Olympics and now don’t need the service, either way, here’s how you can cancel Peacock.

How to cancel Peacock

Here’s how you can cancel your Peacock account.

  1. Go to Peacock’s website.
  2. Sign into your account if you haven’t already done so.
  3. Next, tap on the Account button in the top right-hand corner.
  4. From there, you’ll want to click on “Change or Cancel Plan”.
    1. Important note: If you are billed through Comcast, Spectrum, Apple, or Google, you won’t be able to cancel through Peacock’s website.
  5. Click on “Cancel Plan”.
  6. You’ll be asked why you are changing or canceling your plan.
  7. Now click on “Cancel Plan” one more time.
  8. Now, your Peacock service will be canceled by your next billing date.

Remember, Peacock like most streaming services, will not give you a refund for canceling. So if you cancel halfway through your billing period, you’ll still have access to Peacock until your billing period is over.

How to cancel Peacock, billed through Xfinity

To cancel Peacock if you are getting it through Xfinity, you’ll want to follow the first three steps above, and then click on “Manage on Xfinity”.

From there, you’ll be taken to Xfinity’s website, where you can choose to cancel your account if you want. But you really shouldn’t. Since Xfinity is offering Peacock Premium for free, you might as well keep it

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