Intel 10th and 12th gen CPUs are up to 43% off for Black Friday

Intel Black Friday Deals

It might be time to upgrade that CPU in your gaming PC, and Black Friday deals from Intel can help you do that while saving a little bit of money at the same time. If you’re like me and have been using the same CPU for years now, then an upgrade to something newer is only going to make your PC better. The problem is that CPUs for the past few years have been a little expensive. Not always a lot more, but more than say, before 2019.

However, Black Friday has always been a good time to potentially get an upgrade at a more reasonable price. And this year is no different. Over on Amazon Intel is discounting these three CPUs by up to 43%. The biggest discount applies to the Intel Core i5-10600K CPU. The regular price for it is $263. But for the Black Friday sale it’s being discounted down to $149.72. Which is nearly half off.

Now this is a 10th Gen so it’s a couple of years old. But it’s still a good buy if you’re using something in the 8th Gen series or older. If you want something newer, Intel has two 12th Gen CPUs on sale as well. You can find the list of all three of them below.

If you’re not averse to spending up to $300, then definitely go for the Core i7-12700K chip here. Not only is it from Intel’s latest generation chipsets, but it’s going to be the most powerful CPU out of the three. Like almost everything else on sale for Black Friday, these prices will only last until the end of today. You can find all the Black Friday Intel CPU deals by clicking here.

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