Logitech reveals the G515 TKL to kick your gaming up a notch

AH Logitech G515 TKL

Logitech today has announced the G515 TKL gaming keyboard and it’s here to take the crown for the best gaming keyboard on the market. We’re not exactly saying it’s the best, but it sure appears to have the potential to be the best. The G515 TKL is Logitech’s latest gaming keyboard and it’s a new low-profile option for anyone who could use a little extra space on their desk. While not as small as the company’s Pro X 60 that launched earlier this year, it packs all of the same features. Like KEYCONTROL, a powerful tool in the G Hub software that lets you bind up to 15 actions per key.

It also has the one thing that I really loved about the G915 TKL, that low-profile look. There’s just something about those super-low keys that makes your gaming setup really pop. Logitech has stepped its game up a little since then. While the G915 TKL still uses the antiquated micro USB standard for its charging port, the G515 TKL has been updated with USB-C.

The old cable standard was a slight drawback of that older keyboard despite there being many devices already having switched to USB-C. It was also a common complaint from users. Thankfully, Logitech has listened to its customers and tossed that standard out the window.

The Logitech G515 TKL keyboard uses the new KEYCONTROL feature

KEYCONTROL is what really sets this thing apart from other gaming keyboards. Logitech’s included as only one other model offers it. The Pro X 60. With the G515 TKL now offering it as well, gamers have another option for empowering their gameplay so they can take it to new heights.

If you’re unfamiliar with KEYCONTROL, it’s a new feature that lets you layer up functions on each key. You can continue adding functions to a key until there are a maximum of 15. And you can do this with just about every key on the keyboard. The G515 TKL measures 22mm high so it’s very low-profile. Logitech says this height eliminates the need for a wrist rest, and that’s likely true. Though you can certainly still use one if you find them more comfortable.

Pair two devices and swap between them

Like the G915 TKL, the G515 TKL also lets you connect two devices and you can swap between them freely. This is thanks to the Lightspeed dongle and the keyboard’s ability to connect via Bluetooth. With the push of a button, you can switch the keyboard’s connectivity to Bluetooth and back to the Lightspeed dongle at any time. Say you have the Lightspeed dongle hooked up to your PC, and the Bluetooth to your phone. Just push the dedicated button up top for either one to move the keyboard connection back and forth.

The G515 TKL also has a battery life of up to 36 hours Logitech says. It can go above that though depending on the connectivity method and how bright the RGB lighting is. For example, it’s been lasting me around 45-50 hours with the RGB at 50%. The Logitech G515 TKL is available starting today from Logitech and Amazon, and it’ll be available at Best Buy in the near future as well. It also comes in black and white colors and retails for $140.

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