Meta changes its AI label after complaints

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The next big step for AI companies is a proper labeling system to let people know when content has been artificially generated. Companies like Meta have been ahead of the game in that regard, but it still has a few bugs to work out. According to a new report, Meta had to change its AI label to “AI Info” after complaints from photographers.

The company has had a system in place that flags content it feels could have been generated with AI. Most of the AI-generated images on the platform are obvious, but the technology has progressed to the point where some media can fool the eye. This is why a proper labeling system is important.

We’re currently in an election year, and, let’s be honest, Facebook isn’t exactly known for being a platform full of accurate information. So, there’s always the threat of misinformation through AI-generated images.

Meta had to change its AI label after complaints from photographers

One issue we have to deal with, aside from no AI labels, is companies falsely labeling content as AI-generated. This is something that photographers have dealt with for some time, as Meta seems to be labeling real-life images as AI-generated. One example was from a 40-year-old photo of a baseball game. As you could guess, AI image generation wasn’t all that great back in 1984.

So, as a result, Meta has changed its “Made with AI” label to “AI Info”. This seems like a small change, but it’s something that the company hopes will keep it out of hot water. Rather than saying that the image was constructed with AI technology, it will basically say that there could have been some AI manipulation involved.

Many images posted nowadays were edited with some sort of AI tool like Photoshop’s Generative Fill tool. The thing is that, when certain tools like them are used, Photoshop adds metadata to the image letting the platform know that AI was used. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads use this data to tell whether there was some AI manipulation.

Right now, we’re still waiting for a proper labeling system, but we’re not sure that it’s ever going to come. The companies working on the labeling systems are also pouring billions of dollars into making AI images look more realistic.

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