Motorola’s new Razr flip phones won’t be available at Verizon

Motorola Razr AM AH 88

The brand new Motorola Razr and Razr+ won’t be sold by Verizon once again. Last year, when this news surfaced, we thought it was weird, seeing as Verizon and Motorola have had such a tight relationship over the years. But that decision has happened once again. Both the Razr and Razr+ will be available at AT&T and T-Mobile but not Verizon.

The most likely reason Verizon is left off is that there’s no mmWave 5G support. Verizon is pretty well-known for only selling phones that support mmWave 5G support, and with the Razr and Razr+ not supporting mmWave 5G, that means Verizon is not interested, unfortunately.

The good news, however, is that the Razr and Razr+ both do support Verizon’s Sub-6 5G bands – that’s bands 2, 5, and 77. So you will be able to use the new devices on Verizon, but only if you buy it unlocked. Motorola sells Razr, and Razr+ unlocked through its website, as well as Best Buy and Amazon.

Motorola is missing out by skipping Verizon again

Motorola is really bringing the fight to Samsung with the Razr and Razr+ again this year, but the company is really missing out by not making the phones available at Verizon. Obviously, this is likely due to Motorola wanting to keep the price down. You see, mmWave is quite expensive to add to a phone. Take the Pixel 8a, for example; it costs $499; however, at Verizon, for the mmWave model, it is $549. For the Pixel 7, and Pixel 8 there is a $100 difference for mmWave.

So it’s fairly likely that Motorola wanted to keep the price down on the Razr models by skipping mmWave. However, by doing this, Motorola is also skipping the largest US wireless carrier. That’s a lot of customers who won’t be able to buy the Razr or Razr+ and get Verizon’s full 5G experience.

Motorola does offer financing, so you can still finance your unlocked Razr or Razr+, and there are also trade-in promos available.

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