NFL RedZone will remain on YouTube TV

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On Thursday, the NFL announced that Google was the winner of the NFL Sunday Ticket starting with the 2023 season. That left many wondering, what about NFL RedZone? Will that remain available on YouTube TV? Well, the good news is, that yes it will.

In 2020, Google entered into a carriage agreement with the NFL to carry the NFL Network and NFL RedZone. And with landing NFL Sunday Ticket, the NFL has also announced that Google has extended its carriage deal for the NFL Network and RedZone. That means that YouTube TV is getting the NFL Network, NFL RedZone and NFL Sunday Ticket. Effectively making YouTube TV the go-to place for football.

Now the real question is, will there continue to be two versions of RedZone? It initially launched in 2005 on DIRECTV as part of NFL Sunday Ticket. Then the NFL Network launched their own RedZone three years later. These types of things likely haven’t been ironed out just yet. But users can rest assured that RedZone is not leaving YouTube TV.

The good news about YouTube TV landing NFL Sunday Ticket

There’s some good news about this YouTube TV thing with NFL Sunday Ticket, RedZone and the Network. And that is, Google is very unlikely to kill off YouTube TV. Google has a habit of killing off its products when they feel they aren’t doing well. In fact, Stadia is set to sunset in the coming weeks. But with Google having just spend $2 billion per year for seven years on the NFL Sunday Ticket package, it’s unlikely that they would kill off YouTube TV.

Now, it’s time for YouTube TV to get into talks with Sinclair and bring back Bally Sports. After fuboTV was able to strike a deal for Bally Sports just yesterday, it’s very possible that YouTube TV could do it too.

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