One-day deal: Grab the Samsung Odyssey G6 for $400 ($300 off)

Samsung Odyssey G6 Deal

Samsung’s Odyssey G6 gaming monitor is currently on sale over at Best Buy for a pretty good price, making this a deal worth considering for anyone in the market for a gaming monitor upgrade.

First things first, the price. It’s currently on sale for $400 which is $300 off the regular price. If it wasn’t on sale, it would usually end up costing you $700. With that being said, this is a one-day deal that ends today at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time. So if you do need a new gaming monitor, you’ll have until the end of today to grab this one at a huge discount.

In terms of features and specs, for starters, this is an ultrawide monitor. That is going to be great for immersion in your games. As for screen size, the display is 32 inches, and it comes with a QHD resolution as well as a 240Hz refresh rate. In short, your games are going to look great on this monitor and visuals will appear smoother with less latency or tearing.

It also supports Display HDR 600 and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. Additionally, it has Samsung Gaming Hub. This is a smart monitor so it’s connected to the internet. And the great thing about that with the gaming hub is the access to cloud gaming apps. Such as Xbox Game Pass and NVIDIA GeForce NOW. For the most part, you’re going to be playing games via your PC or console. Or both.

However, gaming hub comes in handy for anyone who doesn’t have those things. Whether you don’t own a gaming PC or a console, or they’re packed up, you can jump right into games on the monitor using those cloud gaming apps. And that’s pretty cool. Now remember this deal is only good for today. So act fast.

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