OnePlus is developing a 7000mAh battery for its future phones

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OnePlus’ new flagship, the Ace 3 Pro, is surprisingly thin for a smartphone with a 6100mAh battery. At 8.7mm, it is 0.3mm thinner than last year’s Ace 2 Pro, which has a 5000mAh battery. The company made this possible with its new Glacier battery technology. It plans to use this technology to make slim 7000mAh batteries for its future smartphones.

OnePlus is working on a 7000mAh battery for smartphones

The Glacier battery technology that OnePlus has developed uses “a high-capacity silicon-carbon material” that can deliver a 763WH/L energy density. That’s a 23.1% higher energy density than standard graphite batteries, allowing for higher capacity without making the cell bulky. This battery technology is durable too, with OnePlus claiming an 80% battery health after four years of regular use.

The OnePlus Ace 3 Pro is the first smartphone to feature this next-gen cell. It certainly won’t be the last, though. According to a reliable Chinese tipster identified as Digital Chat Station on Weibo, OnePlus’s researchers are exploring a 7000mAh smartphone battery. The OPPO sub-brand aims to use the gigantic battery in a mid-range smartphone first. However, it might eventually come to a flagship too.

OnePlus won’t be the first company to launch a smartphone with a 7000mAh battery. Samsung did that back in February 2021 with its Galaxy F62. However, the Galaxy device is a chunky piece of tech with a thickness of 9.5mm. OnePlus could give us a 7000mAh battery in a much thinner package. Alternatively, it could employ the Glacier battery technology to make sleek flagships with a sizable battery (around 5000mAh).

This technology may be a timely solution for power-hungry AI loads

There is no telling when OnePlus will launch its 7000mAh smartphone battery. However, considering what it did with the Ace 3 Pro, the wait may not be much longer. Apple is also said to be exploring advanced battery technologies to increase the battery capacity of its future iPhones. These advancements could be a timely solution for power-hungry AI and machine learning loads.

The industry is integrating AI everywhere. From smartphones and watches to earbuds and smart rings, AI is fast becoming an integral part of our tech space. As such, we can’t rely solely on chipmakers to improve the efficiency of their flagship solutions. Advancements in battery technologies that allow higher capacity in smaller sizes could be helpful. It remains to be seen if any other company comes up with something similar to OnePlus’ Glacier battery technology.

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