OnePlus new Glacier battery promises 4 years of high capacity

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OnePlus has developed a new battery that, among its many perks, includes a 4-year good health promise. According to the company, the battery can maintain more than 80% of its total capacity after four years of use. It also has high energy density, ultra-fast charging support, and more.

The new 6,100 mAh Glacier battery is physically smaller than 5,000 mAh batteries

The company’s new smartphone cell is called “OnePlus Glacier battery” and offers an impressive capacity of 6,100 mAh. Lately, OnePlus has been betting on big batteries for its mobile devices. The OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R offer 5,400 mAh and 5,500 mAh batteries, respectively. However, the company has taken it a step further.

Although the capacity of the Glacier battery is much larger than what you usually see on phones, this does not mean that it takes up more space. In fact, OnePlus claims that it is physically smaller than most 5,000 mAh cells implemented in phones. The company achieved this thanks to the “high-capacity bionic silicon carbon material” used. The battery boasts an energy density of 763 Wh/L, which is up to 23,1% higher than that of other common graphite cells. Plus, it weighs only 14 grams.

The Glacier battery is the result of a joint development between OnePlus and Ningde New Energy. It was developed around the so-called “silicon carbon anode” technology. It is designed to support 100W ultra-fast charging. This will allow you to fill 100% of its capacity (from 1%) in just 36 minutes.

4-year battery health commitment for the OnePlus Glacier battery

Another notable aspect of the new battery is its durability or useful life. OnePlus promises 4-year battery health, retaining more than 80% capacity after four years of regular use. That means you would still have a battery of almost 4,900 mAh after that period. This is great, considering that most current smartphones come with around 5,000 mAh by default. In addition, current batteries usually maintain around 80% of their original capacity after only 800 charging cycles.

The first smartphone to use the Glacier battery will be the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro. This device will be launched next week in China as a more powerful version of the OnePlus Ace 3 (OnePlus 12R globally). It is not yet known if the Ace 3 Pro will get an international model, but in case it doesn’t, the OnePlus 13 will probably debut the new battery on the global market.

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