Pixel 8a iFixit parts for DIY repairs are now available

Pixel 8a iFixit parts

Google appears to be doing better than Samsung when it comes to offering DIY repair parts through iFixit for Pixel devices. The company has continued its collaboration with the alternative repair solution provider for this year’s budget Pixel phone. The Pixel 8a iFixit parts for DIY (Do it yourself) repairs are now available to buy. You can now fix your damaged Pixel 8a (review) all by yourself at your home using the original spare parts from iFixit.

The Pixel 8a iFixit parts are available starting from $3.99

The repair site iFixit has started selling genuine Pixel 8a spare parts in less than two months after the phone’s launch. In comparison, the iFixit repair parts for the Pixel 8 flagship duo went on sale nearly three months after their unveiling. The partnership between the companies provides access to genuine parts for the entire Pixel 8 series.

The iFixit store is selling the Pixel 8a DIY repair parts starting from $3.99. The phone’s genuine adhesive for the screen, display enclosure, back cover, battery, logic board cover, front camera cable, and LED flash unit are being offered for $3.99. The price of the display cable bracket, front camera copper foil, rear camera tape, thermal pads, and camera housing is the same.

The replacement screen is the most expensive part at $102.99

The Pixel 8a’s genuine screen replacement is the most expensive part at $102.99. You can also get the complete kit with the replacement screen and repair tools for $109.99. The phone’s battery replacement costs $32.99, while the rear cover will set you back by $39.99.

Furthermore, iFixit is also selling replacement parts for both the front and rear cameras for the Pixel 8a. The phone’s ultra-wide rear lens costs $29.99, while the wide-angle camera is being offered for $59.99. If you want to replace the selfie camera, then you can get the spare lens by paying $29.99.

After purchasing a replacement part, you can follow the official iFixit Google Pixel 8a repair guides to fix your device. The detailed guides for most of the Pixel 8a DIY repairs are available on iFixit’s website.

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