Pixel 9 to feature industry’s best OLED displays, better than Galaxy S24

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For reasons best known to Google, the Pixel 9 series is set to launch two months earlier than the Pixel 8. The new Pixels will go official on August 13. Leaks have already revealed plenty about the upcoming Google phones, and there’s no stopping the leaks. A Korean news outlet just revealed an interesting piece of information about the Pixel 9’s display. The Samsung-made screens are allegedly better than the ones found on the Galaxy S24 series.

Google’s Pixel 9 has a better display than Samsung’s Galaxy S24

Like previous models, the Pixel 9 series will feature OLED displays made by Samsung (the Korean firm makes smartphone displays for many vendors, including Apple’s iPhones). It was expected to use the same OLED technology as the Galaxy S24, its latest flagship. However, according to the Korean publication ETnews, that isn’t the case. The new Pixels get an upgraded OLED display technology, making their screens technically better than the Samsung flagships.

The publication says the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, Pixel 9 Pro XL, and Pixel Fold 2 will all feature M14 OLED displays. The “M number” is an indicator of the quality of materials used in the display setup. The higher this value, the better is the screen in terms of brightness, longevity, efficiency, and overall quality. The Galaxy S24 series has M13 OLED screens, the most advanced smartphone display technology yet. The new Pixels will take things up a notch.

Theoretically, this upgrade means the Pixel 9’s screen would be brighter, more power efficient, and longer-lasting than the Galaxy S24. It’s not a massive gap, but an upgrade, nonetheless. Certainly not the biggest USP for the new Pixels, though. There are rumors of a camera hardware upgrade, but the biggest talking point could be Google’s AI features. The company is expected to introduce a wide range of on-device and cloud-based AI features. The whole industry is riding an AI train and Google can’t miss it. Stay tuned for more Pixel 9 leaks and rumors.

Apple’s next iPhones will also feature M14 OLED displays from Samsung

The publication adds that Samsung will supply M14 OLED displays to Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max later this year. The base iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16+, meanwhile, will feature two-generation-old M12 OLED screens. The new iPhones should arrive in September. Samsung’s next flagships, the Galaxy S25 series, will follow in January 2025, likely with M12 OLED screens. Or maybe the company will introduce something newer, time will tell.

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