Pixel Phones to Get Smarter Overheating Prevention with Adaptive Thermal

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It looks like Google is all set to show a new message when the Pixel phones overheat. Currently, the Pixels only show a simple warning message that reads “Phone is getting warm”. However, in the coming updates, the Pixels will show more descriptive overheating warnings.

A new version of Device Health Services will bring more descriptive overheating warnings for Pixels

Folks over at 9to5google have found references to descriptive overheating warning messages for Pixels in version of the Device Health Services app. First up, there’s a reference to the “pre_emergency_notification” string, which is titled “Phone needs to cool down”. It further explains how “You may experience slower performance. Try avoiding direct sunlight or close any battery-intensive apps”. Essentially, all the tips to cool down your device will be available on the screen and you won’t have to visit Google’s support page for answers.

In the “pre-emergency” mode, you will have limited access to your Pixel. In addition, during this state, your Pixel will automatically start cooling down by limiting performance, disabling 5G, and more.

The existing overheating notification on the Pixel phones explains how “Some features are limited while the phone cools down”. Tapping on more info gives you a more descriptive message that reads “Your phone will automatically try to cool down. You can still use your phone, but it may run slower. Once your phone has cooled down, it will run normally”.

Pixel phones will soon also implement the “Adaptive Thermal” feature to prevent overheating

In a separate report, Android Authority has found some strings of an “Adaptive Thermal” feature in the code of Device Health Services. This feature will automatically trigger when the battery temperature rises to harmful levels. The report states that the above-mentioned “pre-emergency” alert will trigger when the temperature reaches 49 degrees Celsius (~120 degrees Fahrenheit). It will then show you tips to cool down your device.

The Adaptive Thermal feature will keep checking the battery temperature levels every five minutes. If the phone still hasn’t reached normal levels but instead rises to 52 degrees Celsius (~126 degrees Fahrenheit), then the “emergency” state will be triggered. There’s no word what exactly will happen on your Pixel in this mode.

Furthermore, if the battery temperature reaches a dangerous 55 degrees Celsius (~131 degrees Fahrenheit), then your phone will shut down to cool. In this state, the Thermal Adaptive feature will shut down the device in 30 seconds after reaching critical temperature levels.

Google hasn’t yet rolled out this update to the Device Health Services app globally. It is being rolled out gradually, so it could take some time to reach your device.

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