Qualcomm plans to make Android update process smoother

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Android smartphone manufacturers have been able to improve their software update process in the past few years. Many brands have increased the years of software update support they provide for their devices. Companies like Samsung and Google are now promising as many as seven years of Android update support on select phones. Now, the chipset maker Qualcomm is planning to make the Android update process smoother in the near future.

Qualcomm acknowledges that providing the latest Android updates is a complex process for OEMs

In a recent interview with Android Authority, Chris Patrick, Qualcomm’s SVP and General Manager of Handsets, said that Android updates are a significant concern for the company. Qualcomm acknowledges that it’s “very expensive and very complicated” for OEMs to get the latest Android and security updates to the consumers. The company has been working towards a solution to improve this situation.

Patrick mentioned that he doesn’t think Qualcomm is the main bottleneck for issues around Android updates. The chipset maker has been working towards a solution to make things easier for quite a while. “One of the things we’ve been working on for the past several years with Google and with the OEMs is to change the structure of inline code — to kind of change the machinery for how we do those updates”, he told the publication.

The code optimization to provide smoother Android updates has been in the process for years. A solution from the chipset maker will certainly make things easier for OEMs to provide the latest Android updates. We could see longer Android and security update support for devices with older Qualcomm chipsets in the future.

Qualcomm could make some announcements around the topic at the upcoming IFA or Snapdragon Summit

The Qualcomm executive didn’t provide many details about what’s to come. However, he did hint that the company will announce “something” around this topic “later this year”. There’s a possibility that we will see a solution from the brand regarding Android updates at the upcoming IFA in early September.

The source also suggests that the chipset maker could make some announcements at the annual Snapdragon Summit event in October. At the event, the company will also introduce its upcoming flagship chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. It will be powering the latest high-end products from major OEMs like Samsung, Xiaomi, and OnePlus.

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