Qualcomm’s affordable Snapdragon X PCs set for Q4 2025 release

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Qualcomm is preparing to launch the first PCs, powered by the Snapdragon X, tomorrow on June 18. Those gadgets promise quite a different level of performance and efficiency but come at a price targeted toward high-end users and professionals. But if you’re finally expecting more budget-friendly options, well, there’s a little good news with a bit of bad news on the horizon.

The promise of mainstream Snapdragon X PCs

Let’s start with the good news. A well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote something quite exciting the other day on Medium, pumping plenty of life and hope into many people. According to Kuo, Qualcomm is eyeing rather vigorously the extension of the Snapdragon X series with a “low-cost” processor code-named Canim. This new chipset will be fabricated on a 4nm TSMC process, making Snapdragon X technology dramatically democratized at $599 to $799. That’s much lower than the current Snapdragon X PCs that start at $1,000 or more, bringing high-performance computing to more mainstream levels for everyday users.

Wait a minute! There’s a twist

Now for the not-so-great news. According to Kuo, the Canim processor won’t launch until fourth-quarter 2025 at the earliest. If you’re looking for an instant fix, be prepared to be pretty patient and wait a good deal over a year before you see these more budget-friendly Snapdragon X-powered Windows devices hit your hands. There may, though, be some temporary relief in sight. High-end Snapdragon X PCs, which exist today, may drop in price later in the year to present an option for those seeking a faster alternative.

The power of Canim

Now, let’s get back to the good stuff. According to Kuo, the same report also mentioned details pertaining to the upcoming Canim processor. This new chip reportedly delivers the same impressive 40 TOPS AI performance as its more expensive siblings — the Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus. Basically, this means that laptops sporting a Canim processor should probably come with a Copilot Plus moniker, which assures a host of advanced AI-driven features and seamless usage. Although at a slightly higher wait, the cheap ones will have to really wait, the future seems to hold a lot of potential by the ability of the Canim processor in bringing high-performance computing to a lot of people.

Speculation on sacrifices

While an affordable Canim processor will bridge the gap in AI’s, there could be a question as to what trade-offs Qualcomm may consider necessary to do this. Speculation includes potential slashes in CPU cores, a less powerful GPU, and probably dialed-back connectivity features down to support older Bluetooth and Wi-Fi standards. Other expectations are that mainstream laptops featuring Canim might ship with fewer I/O options, greatly impacting their versatility and expandability.

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