Ring Video Doorbell Plummets to $49.99: Amazon’s Biggest Discount Ever!

Ring Video Doorbell second generation 2

Video Doorbells are a great product to have at your home. The ability to see who’s at your door, get notified when you get a package, and so much more. And today, Amazon is making the barrier to entry even cheaper, with the Ring Video Doorbell being just $49.99. Amazon has shaved $50 off of its regular price here.

The Ring Video Doorbell seamlessly integrates with Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem, providing a comprehensive and convenient solution for monitoring your home’s entrance. With crystal-clear 1080p HD video and two-way audio communication, you can easily see and speak to visitors from anywhere using compatible devices like your Fire TV, Fire Tablet, or Echo Show. Alexa can even notify you when someone is at the door or when a package is delivered, enhancing your awareness and control.

With Ring Protect, you can store and share recorded videos and photos for as little as $3.99 per month per device or $10 for unlimited devices. This subscription enhances security by capturing and retaining valuable footage for future reference, ensuring you never miss a moment.

The Ring Video Doorbell’s battery life typically lasts around a month on a single charge, depending on factors like foot traffic and settings. However, its innovative Quick Release Battery feature makes swapping batteries effortless, minimizing downtime and maintaining continuous surveillance.

In addition to its impressive features and seamless integration, the Ring Video Doorbell offers the added benefit of deterring potential porch pirates. Allowing you to communicate with visitors remotely and record their every move creates a powerful deterrent against theft and enhances the overall security of your home.

You can buy the Ring Video Doorbell from Amazon today.

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