Samsung announces Galaxy Watch 7 and Watch Ultra with Galaxy AI

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Samsung‘s Galaxy Unpacked event is in full swing and that means the company has now officially announced the Galaxy Watch 7 and the Galaxy Watch Ultra. The company’s latest smartwatches come with all of the features you’ve come to expect, like the newest version of Wear OS and multiple sensors for tracking everything from heart rate to sleep. There are, of course, some new additions too.

We all know that with mobile devices it’s the age of AI. Samsung introduced this with the Galaxy S24 series. With that being said, the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra are Samsung’s first smartwatches to come with Galaxy AI features. The Galaxy Watch Ultra is also a new device category for Samsung. Similar in part to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro from a couple of years ago, the Ultra is meant to be Samsung’s more rugged, outdoorsy smartwatch.

It’s also a direct competitor to Apple’s Watch Ultra, hence the new squircle shape and the ability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is Samsung’s toughest smartwatch ever

While the Galaxy Watch 7 is the familiar design fans know and love, the Galaxy Watch Ultra is undoubtedly the more exciting release this year. It’s Samsung’s “toughest smartwatch ever” sporting Aerospace grade 4 titanium. It also comes with a new Quick Button, as well as night vision watch faces and what appears to be Samsung’s longest-lasting smartwatch battery yet.

So far, this title has been held by the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, lasting around 40-50 hours in most cases for us. The Galaxy Watch Ultra far exceeds this number on average. The company boasts that in daily use it can last up to 100 hours on a single charge. That should help promote users taking this on long treks or camping trips. Or any outdoor activity where they might not be able to charge the watch as often as they normally could. It’ll also last for up to 48 hours during the most strenuous workout modes.

As for the new Quick Button, Samsung says this is a tactile option for triggering your activities or workouts on the fly. You can also use it to pause those activities if you need to. Samsung has boosted other parts of the watch too. For example, the Galaxy Watch Ultra features a dual GPS system for better performance during workouts. Plus, it has up to 3x as many LED sensors as the Galaxy Watch 6 series. Allowing for improved accuracy in tracking heart rate and other things.

Yet another new feature is the ability to monitor for sleep apnea. This was approved by the FDA back in February, but now it’s actually here. Sleep apnea can be a tough thing to deal with and makes it harder to breathe while sleeping. It can also sometimes go undetected by people that have it. So this should prove fairly useful. It’ll be available in one size, which is 47mm. It comes in three colors as well, which are Titanium Gray, Titanium White, and Titanium Silver.

The Galaxy Watch 7 is the same watch you know and love

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Samsung has taken this to heart with the design of its main Galaxy Watch model every year. The Galaxy Watch 7 doesn’t stray from this ideal and comes with more or less the same design as last year’s Galaxy Watch 6. It has the familiar round watch face and the same two side buttons. It does however come with the new Galaxy AI tech. As well as double the storage for apps and the new Energy Score feature and wellness tips.

Storage has never been a huge problem for past Galaxy Watch models. But Samsung has doubled it anyway as the Galaxy Watch 7 comes with 32GB in total. Just like with previous models, Samsung will offer this year’s watch in two sizes – large and small. The Large comes in at 44mm in Green and Silver colors. Meanwhile, the small is 40mm and comes in Green and Cream.

In terms of cost, the Galaxy Watch 7 is starting at a pretty reasonable price point of $299. The Galaxy Watch Ultra, however, will retail for $649. Making it Samsung’s most expensive smartwatch to date. Both watches also

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