Samsung announces the Galaxy Ring with “unmatched comfort”

Samsung Galaxy Ring AM AH 7

When it comes to wearables, the newly announced Galaxy Ring is poised to be the most comfortable wearable device you might ever encounter. Samsung has officially announced the new device at Galaxy Unpacked, and the company says it offers “unmatched comfort.” This is a statement that is quite obviously comparing the Galaxy Ring to other already available smart rings on the market. We had a chance to try it on and see how comfortable it really is, and we can confirm that it is indeed very comfortable.

That comfort is no doubt going to go a long way in convincing people to keep this thing on for long periods of time. And with the comfort level where it’s at, it should be easy to wear to sleep without the same issues that can plague smartwatches or wrist-worn fitness trackers. The bulky weight. As watches just don’t feel all that good to wear while you sleep.

This is, of course, a little subjective. Some users don’t mind wearing their smartwatches to sleep. However, smart rings are most certainly more comfortable to wear as they’re less obtrusive. Aside from the unmatched comfort, the Galaxy Ring brings a lot of new features to the table for fitness trackers. Most notably, the Galaxy AI. This new tech inside the ring will power recommendations to users on how to improve different metrics.

The Galaxy Ring is designed to be worn 24/7

One thing that smartwatches aren’t capable of in most cases, is constant wear. We’re not talking about wearing them most of the day. But more the ability to wear them 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Quite simply because most of them just don’t have the battery life to support this. Not to mention, most people probably don’t want to wear a watch 24/7. With the Galaxy Ring, that’s likely to change. Samsung designed it to be worn 24/7 and both its comfort and its battery life are going to make that possible to do.

While the ring certainly is comfortable and that will help the 24/7 wearability, it also has a battery life of up to a week. So you won’t have to charge it until the week is over. Granted, your battery life mileage may vary depending on the features you use. But the promise of an entire 7 days of battery life on a single charge is definitely going to pique people’s interest.

Health and AI are at the heart of this device

Health is a big part of Samsung’s devices these days, and that doesn’t stop with the Galaxy Ring. Samsung says it delivers a “holistic look at your health,” but even if you don’t think of it that way, it still appears to deliver plenty of health insights. This is in part helped by the addition of Galaxy AI. Not only does the Galaxy AI give you personalized recommendations on how to improve different health metrics, but it’s also baked into the sleep tracking.

Samsung says it powers the new sleep algorithm and can give you useful information like how long it takes to fall asleep. If that’s information you might want to know, the Galaxy Ring will be able to tell you. The new sleep algorithm can also give you tips on staying asleep so you wake up well-rested. Additionally, it gives insights into different sleep stages you might have gone through while you were asleep. Naturally, without a display all of this information will be viewable in the Samsung Health app on your Galaxy smartphone.

In terms of other features, the ring is made of titanium and it has a water-resistance rating of up to 100 meters. It can also monitor for high and low heart rates and deliver cycle-tracking data. It even has baked-in gestures for controlling your phone’s camera and snoozing alarms. The Galaxy Ring will come in three colors and nine sizes. The colors are Titanium Black, Titanium Silver, and Titanium Gold. Pricing starts at $399.

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