Samsung launches new BioActive sensor for Galaxy Watch devices

samsung galaxy watch bioactive sensor

In a couple of days, the second Unpacked event of this year will take place. The Galaxy Watch Ultra and the Galaxy Watch 7 are among the main new products that Samsung will launch. These devices are expected to include some notable improvements, such as a more powerful and efficient Exynos W1000 chip. Now, Samsung has introduced a new BioActive sensor that will improve health monitoring on the Galaxy Watch Ultra and Watch 7.

Samsung’s new BioActive sensor makes Galaxy Watch devices more accurate

The new BioActive sensor for Samsung Galaxy Watch devices will improve health tracking precision and enable new features. It offers up to 30% more accurate metrics compared to those of the Watch 6 series. This is thanks to better reception in the photodiodes and new LED lights. The LEDs can now emit blue, yellow, violet, and ultraviolet light.

One of the new functions that the sensor will enable will be the “Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) Index.” According to Samsung, the AGEs index is “an indicator of metabolic health and biological aging strongly influenced by overall lifestyle and dietary habits.” A high accumulation of these compounds can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart conditions, among others.

AGEs compounds can be generated in the bloodstream and in your food while you cook it. So, it is possible that the Galaxy Watch 7 and Watch Ultra will be able to offer tips to keep your AGEs accumulation levels under control. This way, you could improve your health and avoid possible related problems in the future.

AGEs index may not be available at launch

The blog post says the feature is “planned,” which suggests it won’t be available at launch. This is normal for certain advanced health-related monitoring features. After all, devices must receive certifications to guarantee a minimum of veracity in their results. Certification bodies differ between countries, so there are some of these features that are not available in certain regions (temporarily or permanently).

Lastly, the company states that “AGEs index is just one of the many new advanced features planned for the next Galaxy Watch.” So, it’s possible that they are saving some surprises for the launch.

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